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When we think of renovation, we often leave out the most crucial and game-changing bit; the floor. This part of a house covers almost 70% of the space we inhabit and so, changing it means bringing out a striking transformation. Here’s how you can make your floor your home’s focal point.

Ceramic tiles/Slates

Not only will they save your wallet, ceramic tiles are the most suitable for your home if you’re a Bangladeshi resident because of our warmer climate. Tiles come in so many options. For instance, graphic tiles are an excellent choice for when you want to divide sections in your home without making it obvious. They can also emphasize an old school vibe in an otherwise contemporary setting.
Patterned ceramic tiles can help you achieve a retro design in a bland space. On the other hand, faux-wooden tiles (maybe in parquetry patterns) can help create a modern, chic interior. The most advantageous factor of having tiled floors is probably that you can always get them in whatever budget you have.

Polished concrete floors

Polished floors lean more towards modern architecture and how it gives off a minimalistic feel. Concrete floors are known for their high usability. Once the concrete is sealed and polished, maintenance isn’t a hassle at all. Concrete polished floors are easy to clean and can stay shiny without much effort (even up to a hundred years if maintained properly) unlike other flooring materials like hardwood or vinyl. Moreover, moisture-control related problems are irrelevant since both tiles and polished concrete floors are well suited with Bangladesh’s climate.

Extra flooring tips

To make your floors pop up, here are some ways you can highlight your divine floors:

  • Opt for bi-folding doors

This looks great for adjoining rooms where the floor is of the same material/pattern since it emphasizes a wider space.

  • Carpets and rugs

These are our constant favorites! There are so many options to choose from. Carpets and rugs are a great budget-friendly way of transforming your home; plus, they are fun to experiment with.

  • Incorporate low-levels plants

Use low-level plants as props and place them along the hallways, corridors or bi-folding doors to draw attention to the divided spaces.

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