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When we say the name or the word coronavirus, we can easily realize that it is indeed the most uttered word in the entire world in the last few days. The coronavirus is a minuscule virus but its impact on human civilization is unimaginable. This simple virus has done something so vastly annihilating, that in this busy, materialistic life of ours, we couldn’t have ever imagined it. Coronavirus has kept us in a house arrest situation, introducing us to different terminologies and words like home quarantine. 

What is home quarantine?

Home Quarantine
A notice for home quarantine

The word quarantine might sound a bit complicated, but it isn’t something difficult to grasp. In Bengali, the word “quarantine” does not have a literal translation but it might be described as closely as “segregation” or “dissociation”. But the word quarantine is generally used in the cases of infectious diseases and viruses, where an infected person or animal is kept apart for a few days from their daily routine to stop the mass spread of the virus. 

Home quarantine, therefore, means to live isolated in one’s home, to confine oneself to their own home. Without a high emergency, you cannot get out of the house, let alone a place of public gathering! It is inevitable that if you come across any coronavirus patient or if you have visited places/countries where the outbreak of Covid-19 occurred on large scales, you need to stay in home quarantine. 

Why do you have to stay in a home quarantine?

Scientists have come to a unanimous consensus that coronavirus is the cause of a highly contagious disease. After several experiments, they found out that it might take up to 14 days after being infected to show the symptoms of the virus in the human body.  But before the symptoms appear, the virus is able to spread to another person. That is why home quarantine is highly important. 

After the virus reaches the human body cells, it can replicate to give birth to 10,000 (Ten thousand) new viruses in one hour. Before showing any symptoms, a tablespoon of an infected person’s blood, saliva, or phlegm might contain millions of viruses. To avoid such a situation, there isn’t any better way to stay safe than to keep yourself quarantined at home. 

Does anyone living in a home quarantine get definitely infected by coronavirus? 

The answer to this question in a word is – NO.  Many people might have such misconceptions but they should know that being in-home quarantine doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is infected by the coronavirus. This is simply a precautionary step. If someone comes in touch with any coronavirus patient or has visited places/countries where the outbreak of COVID-19 occurred on large scales, they might have the chance of getting infected. That is why they are told to live isolated for 14 days in-home quarantine. 

To-dos in times of home quarantine

Home quarantine isn’t a hard task, rather it is a very important task. During these times, you have to abide by some rules and regulations: 

  • Firstly, there is no reason to panic.  Panicking reduces people’s ability to think normally. As we have said before, home quarantine doesn’t necessarily mean that you are infected by the coronavirus. And even if you have a very bad case, your body’s immune system will start fighting against the coronavirus, the cells will start working on their own without any treatment. That is why it is your responsibility not to panic and to take each and every step wisely.  
  • Strictly take measures so that children or elderly people inside your house don’t come around you. The reason is, aged people and children are more vulnerable to the virus due to their relatively weaker immune systems. Unbeknownst, they might get infected from you. In these cases, there is no place for irrational emotions. 
  • Without urgency, don’t step out of your room.  If you don’t have an attached bathroom, don’t let others use the one you are using.
  • Separate everything that comes into contact with you. From your plate and glass to clothes, everything must be separated.
  • Wear a mask and change it frequently. Don’t sneeze or cough in open spaces. Grow the habit of using tissue and throwing it in a closed dustbin. 
  • Even when you are quarantined inside your own room, frequently wash hands with soap or sanitizer. Even after several attempts and precautions, the virus might spread to other objects so be thorough.
  • Consult a doctor immediately if you have symptoms of fever, cough or a sore throat.

Preparing for a long-time home quarantine

Take necessary preparation for home quarantine

As things have escalated, we can assume that we need to be home quarantined for a long period of time. Other than this, if one person needs to be quarantined, it means that the entire family needs to be under quarantine. So it is better to take some preparations ahead of that. The to-dos to prepare for home quarantine are: 

  • Since we have to live separated for 14 days and avoid getting out of the house, we need to have enough food at home. Buy rice, pulses, oil, flour, and salt as well as dried foods such as sesame seeds, oats, biscuits, and various canned foods. The food should be enough to feed your family for at least 14 days. 
  • Buy necessary soaps, handwash, hand sanitizers, and other hygiene products. Don’t let others use the things that you are using. 
  • Buy emergency medicines, first aid kits and other medical supplies (contact lenses, batteries of hearing aids, etc.). Even if any medicine is necessary for you, still keep it in your stock.       
  • Prepare yourself for your mental health. 14 days isn’t small time. This time frame might increase as well. Staying at home for such a long time can become very annoying. Collect a lot of books to read. Many people remain heavily busy with work and so they don’t have the time to perform their hobbies and work on their passions. You can allot time for doing these. If you want to learn an instrument, you can. If you like painting, you do it as well to pass your time. Just remember, don’t overdo anything. It will harm you as well as others. 

The rules of home quarantine suggest anyone can go out in case of an emergency. But that emergency must be an urgent need. Use a mask, hand-gloves, and spectacles to get out. Otherwise, stay home. Many of you complained that you don’t get time to breathe in your humdrum busy life. Though in an unwanted turn of events, you are now getting that desired leisure. Stay at home, stay safe. Protect your family and everyone else in your country.

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