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We hear a lot of talk about spring cleaning. It’s a basic renewal of your home for the new season, a necessary breath of fresh air. Usually some new purchases are made to usher in spring and wave goodbye to the long winter. Before shopping though, bear in mind that you should match the new decor to the new season. This article might help.


Flowers are the symbol of spring. They bring life to a house, bringing warmth and color to rooms. Incorporating flowers into your interior designs adds much needed vibrancy. Floral designs are common in rugs, throw pillows, and wall accents. Embrace floral, as it’s a springtime trend that will be here for a while.

Pastels are the solid color of the season. Blues, pinks, greens and yellows come in bright pastel shades, ideal for spring. Contemplate buying new curtains, or a vase. With the season’s sunlight shining through the bright pastels will come to life. Small is big when it comes to decorations.


As the sun gets brighter so too should the color schemes. Purple, teal, and orange are always popular in the warmest season of the year. The brightness can significantly change the feel of a room. Think of ways to enhance your outdoor areas. Patio furniture, or even serving pieces can add a lot of passion to the outdoors. Summer is all about having fun and relaxing so choose interesting colors and fun designs like chevron.


Decorating your home with white is always recommended. Ivories, metals, whites and metallic are the hues of winter. Let the white snow and bare trees inspire you. Turn your home into a welcoming warm escape from the cold exterior environment. Cinnamon stick candles, twinkling lights and floral throw pillows can transform a room into a winter wonderland. If you live in a country that doesn’t get too cold, you can create a gradual transformation from summer into the new season.


Darker warm shades are synonymous with fall. Maroon, rust and mustard yellow should be introduced. Let nature be your guide, with greens, browns and tans the main foundations of the season. The trees outside with their fallen leaves, pumpkins and pine cones are beautiful aspects of the natural side of autumn. Use these to decorate your home, adding to the coziness factor that fall is renowned for. Try wrapping fake leaves across the stair’s banister and over shelves, a DIY wreath would also work well.

Whatever season it is, simply look outside and try to create a harmony between the colors of nature and the colors in your home.

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