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Ramadan is an inspiring month. If you are unhappy with that green space behind your house, it is the best time to freshen it up. Bproperty has rounded up a couple of handy tips that can help you do an easy garden makeover.

Relaxation Oasis

Gardens can be an ideal place for prayer or relaxation. Offer your prayers and tarawih in solitude in this relaxation oasis and feel it penetrate deep inside your soul. You can also use an old curtain or a blanket to make your hanging hammock.

An Iftar buffet

For a relaxed Ramadan iftar, use your garden space. Invite your friends over and surprise them with a candle-lit iftar table outside.

Creative Islamic Workshop

With a little ingenuity, you can turn your garden into an Islamic workshop: invite your friends over and upcycle your old furniture, establish a Hadith club, or recite the Holy Quran together.

Garden Chess Set

If you are a keen chess player, consider inviting your chess mates to your garden. Use any old home design items to have large-sized game figures!

Garden Cinema

Set aside a weekend to set up your very own garden cinema. You can simply upcycle old chairs or mattresses to arrange a comfortable movie viewing spot.

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