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Nature has an eternal power of imprisoning our eyes with its majestic beauty. Every time we hear the word nature, our visualization embraces every shade of green in our mind’s map since the majority of our earth’s land is attired with this extraordinary hue. Our eyes silently crave for a glance of the wild.

Surprisingly enough, many researchers have asserted the constructive impacts that nature has upon our mental health and well-being. But by enclosing ourselves within the four-walled structures, we often do not have the fortune of catching nature even once. On top of that, city-dwellers in Dhaka have completely forgotten the artistry of greenery. Apartments in Dhaka nowadays seem to only provide shelter and no life.

After a long day of work or classes, we return home, lock ourselves in, and exhale a jaded sigh. This can be changed by a healthier alternative. Something as gratifying as gardening can be the easiest solution to our everyday delight.

Here’s How

Many people, who have developed the hobby of gardening later in life, may not be able to put into words how different they feel but undoubtedly, the practice has improved their lives; both mentally and physically. Once someone grows the feeling of accomplishment, they tend to continue the practice and gardening clearly provides that very feeling. Being able to see something as minuscule as a seed or shoot come to life and grow because of our tiniest contribution can be breathtaking. Things get a lot more exciting, and not to mention messy, when children are involved in the process. The feeling of accomplishment, in their case, is magnified by many times compared to ours, which tremendously contributes to the development of their self-esteem and confidence. There are added benefits other than mental well-being if small and healthy crops are grown. Anybody, belonging to any age group, would be thrilled to witness the outcome of their hard work.

Healing Power of Gardening

The jaded sigh mentioned before is toxic for our living and can be eliminated through the process of gardening. It is caused due to the stress our brain withstands every single day; our brain has a marked limitation up to which it can steadfastly give 100% of its attention and after that even this go-go organ needs to take a break.

Gardening allows us to shrink the stress since it involves physical work, and there is no better alternative to relieving stress than being a little kinetic that requires effortless attention, thus putting very small or zero pressure on the brain. Hope is the abstract feeling that drains stress better than anything and again, plants give us the hope that one day they, and we, will grow. When someone silently devotes oneself to something, they are unknowingly meditating which is another added benefit.

The environment that a small garden can create in urban apartments, other than its aesthetic features, can be unimaginably healthy when one can smell and hear the tranquility of nature. Nature has cures for the ones who welcome it. Life in Dhaka has become unbearable and suffocating due to all the intense, high-rise blocks of concrete with no greens in sight. A tiny and private garden for every flat in Dhaka will somewhat fix this issue.

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