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Favorite team playing? Check. Team anthem memorized? Check. Threats ready in your mind for your opponents? Check. The FIFA World Cup is back and how it brings out the passion in us. But doesn’t your home deserve to share the same emotions? Is your house ready for the World Cup, whether you’re watching alone or having friends over for it? Are your team colors on display and do you have a comfortable setup to watch uninterrupted football magic? Let’s go for the best viewing experience and get your home ready for the FIFA World Cup.

Seating arrangements

Seating Arrangement
Make space for friends and excitement

There is a lot of excitement to come. To truly make your home ready for the FIFA World Cup, you need to make it accessible and comfortable to enjoy the games with friends and family. When you have guests coming over, you can’t expect them to stand against the walls, can you? Create a good seating space with a large sofa or clear out an area in front of the TV for a floor seating arrangement. Or if you plan on watching alone, a wonderful couch to sink into will definitely make watching your team win so much more blissful.

Serving Snacks

There should be plenty to go around

When your team is playing, you and your friends will be on your feet, shouting and screaming; chips flying all over the place. That is if you have chips ready. With so much excitement, snacks are a must! Tired, nervous, anxious people watching the world cup need snacks. Chips, soft drinks, finger foods, party treats are all a must. Keep in mind, proof the space for spills as much as you can because they are bound to happen.

TV and Sound setup

TV Setup
Is your TV fun to watch?

If you spend half the game asking your friends ‘who’s that with the ball now?’, you really need a better TV or connection. Make sure everything is spot on for the games. You want crystal clear video and audio when your team is beating the opponents. There are great connections right now that you can get for uninterrupted viewing. And if it’s near time for a device upgrade, now is a great time with hundreds of retailers putting TVs on sale around the city in the spirit of the World Cup. 

Team Colors

Team Colors
What colors are you going to run?

Maybe the most important aspect of getting your home ready for the FIFA World Cup is ambience. And by ambience, I mean covering your house in your team colors like a mad man. But if you are a little more sane of a football fan, maybe just a jersey here with a few streamers there will be enough. Feel free to hang your team’s flag in a respectful manner too.

Getting you home ready for the FIFA World Cup is more about having fun than about aesthetics, if you really think about it. It’s to immerse yourself in the spirit, the sensation of anticipation and excitement. You do not have to go out of your way to do any of this, but it will definitely make the experience that much more involving.

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