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Let’s get your apartment requirements sorted first. You want an apartment that is spacious enough for your family in a safe locality and of course in somewhere peaceful and quiet. Plus, the neighborhood should have everything you need within your reach so that you can take lazy strolls in the afternoon in tranquility. Who would not love to have such apartments for their own but the reality is, these are hard to find. Even harder to find in Dhaka, right? No, as Bproperty brings you one of the exclusive projects, Dakhina by GM Holdings in Dhaka. It is a true apartment community designed to give you the perfect luxurious living style.

what dakhina by gm holdings offers to you

rooftop view of Dakhina by GM Holdings Bangladesh
Wide roads on two sides of the condominium

A complete neighborhood that is what this project envisions from the very beginning. Dakhina is not about what apartment you buy; it is about the lifestyle you have after you buy. This is why, all the things you can think of in a modern luxurious life, it is ready to offer. Being a corner plot, it has spacious roads on two sides. Therefore, you wouldn’t need to worry about the accessibility. Among several facilities, Dakhina has its community mosque,  grocery stores, multi-purpose community hall, laundry services and rooftop garden. Even if you think you are finally starting your diet, it has a gymnasium and a jogging park. Impressive, isn’t it? Plus, the four condominium blocks are separated and guarded 24/7. So you will not have to worry about the safety of your residence ever again.

a break from the monotonous life

tennis court of the apartment community Dakhina
Indoor and outdoor gaming facilities of Dakhina

Aren’t you bored eating the same foods in the same restaurants? In a nutshell, eating out is the only and the most popular mean of entertainment in Dhaka. With Dakhina, you will never feel the same. This luxurious condominium has its separate movie theatre, indoor and outdoor game courts and even a swimming pool exclusively for you! It is also best for weekend outdoor brunch or late night BBQ parties with your close ones.

Just the perfect location for an apartment community

Side view of Dakhina by GM holdings Bangladesh
Dakhina is the perfect location for an apartment community

When you think this apartment community cannot get any better, let us show you that it can. Being in Dakshin Khan, it is only a short drive away from the airport. It has other perks as well. Buying an apartment here will put you in the middle of Bashundhara, Uttara, and Nikunja. These three areas already contain everything. From fancy hotels to shopping malls, hospitals to police stations, schools to universities all your essential needs are unbelievably close. You would not have to wait in the traffic jam for hours to get to the other part of the town for such facilities.

From 3 luxurious apartment choices, pick the one that suits you the best. It is the apartment community of your dreams, and it is the right time to bring this dream into reality. Hurry up before someone else books your favorite apartment!

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