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Now more than ever, people want to reduce the impact they make on the environment. Where once solar power was deemed too expensive for most people, the increase in suppliers has pushed prices down to a more accessible price range.

The Bangladesh government is really getting behind the shift to solar. They plan to provide electricity to all the country’s home by the year 2021. There is currently 10 percent of household using solar, that’s around 3.5 million homes.

The government wants Bangladesh to be the world’s first solar nation. Low-interest loans are being provided to companies that import and install solar panels. Currently, a 100-watt solar panel costs roughly 50,000 takas.

Myths about solar

Solar is too expensive– For a 10-watt capacity system that will come with a panel, led tube, frame, and cable, the price works out at BDT 6000. There are usually options to pay over two to three years.

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Panels will only work in good weather– Scandinavian countries are leading the way in solar-powered homes, in the Winter they experience as little as three hours sunlight, but the solar works completely fine.

Maintenance is too much hassle– Rain is usually enough to clean the dirt from the panels but hosing also does the job. Clearing leaves from the roof are about the extent of the maintenance involved.

Is my home suitable?

Around 1-4 roofs are suitable for solar panels. Work out the measurements of the roof. The electrical codes in the area. Any neighborhood rules on solar? Make sure you contact a certified professional who can provide you with the necessary advice. Always go with an established company with an extensive portfolio of past clients.

Alternative to panels

There are now also alternatives to standard panels. Solar shingles should be considered and are cheaper but can blend in better with your roof as they look like tar and sand. They do the same job: capture sunlight and transform it into an energy source. They can be attached to your roof directly.

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