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Living a healthy life seems to have become complicated as we get more involved with our busy schedules and inappropriate eating habits. Considering the scarcity of playgrounds and quality parks in Dhaka if you are living here, fitness centers are your only option. And Dhaka has them in abundance. While you will find a fitness center in every nook and corner of this city, Dhanmondi, in particular, stands out from the rest for housing some of the most iconic and exclusive fitness centers in the country. Having that said, here are the top 4 gymnasiums in Dhanmondi.

Ruslan’s Studio Dhanmondi

Ruslan's Studio Dhanmondi

With the only brunch in Dhaka’s Dhanmondi, celebrated fitness trainer and nutritionist, counts not only Miss Universe Bangladesh and popular model Piya Jannatul as their clients but also numerous other media personalities. The gym offers personal training services and weekly nutrition consultation and diet plans customized as per everyone’s fitness goals.

The gym is equipped with world-class machinery, high-end equipment, and dozens of state-of-the-art facilities. They have the most coveted and professional trainers who are specialized in more things than just the boring gym workout. After all, they are one of the best gymnasiums in Dhanmondi.

Membership plans:
1 month  membership: 7000/-taka
3 months membership 18,000/- taka
6 months membership: 30,000 /- taka 

Operating time: 7am – 11pm
Location: Dhanmondi Shimanto Shombhar, 15/A Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, 5th Floor, 1209 Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

Muscle Mania Gym

Muscle Mania

The gym opened its door in 2007 which makes it one of the oldest gymnasiums in Dhanmondi but certainly not outdated. Nestled in a quiet, residential neighborhood, Abdur Rahman Rajib and Debashish Ghosh’s Muscle Mania Gym is a playground of Taskin Ahmed, Mohammad Ashraful, and other alike. The interior is peppered with top-grade training equipment and organized in an orderly manner.

They also offer various services, including diet and nutrition counseling,  cardio equipment, cardiovascular training, spin cycling studio, locker and shower facility, weight gain and weight loss programs, and even personal training from experienced and certified trainers. This is a place for everyone, from an acute diabetic to a sportsperson or a weightlifter.

Express Membership plans:
Daily: 900 /-taka
1 week: 2,500/-taka
2 weeks: 4,000/-taka
1 month  membership: 7,000/-taka
2 months membership: 8,500/-taka
3 months membership: 12,000/- taka
6 months membership: 17,000 /- taka
Yearly membership: 30,000/-taka

Power Membership plans:
Daily: 700/-taka
1 week: 2,000/-taka
2 weeks: 3,000/-taka
1 month  membership: 4,000/-taka
2 months membership: 6,500/-taka
3 months membership: 9,000/- taka
6 months membership: 14,000 /- taka
Yearly membership: 25,000/-taka

Operating time: 6.30am – 10.30pm, Friday:
Location: House No: 33/B, Road No: 4, Dhanmondi 1205 Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

Blade 6% Fitness Studio

Blade 6% Fitness Studio

Arguably one of the largest gymnasiums in Dhanmondi, Blade 6% Fitness Studio boast not only a huge surface area for your daily workout, it also has the nicest interior setting. The inviting atmosphere will grasp your attention as soon as you enter the gym. This is the reason why many celebrities including Bidya Sinha Saha Mim choose this gym as their regular workout place.

But there is more to the fitness studio than just the atmosphere and vibe. Blade 6% Fitness Studio is a bespoke fitness experience, curated by certified trainers and dietitians. The gym is well equipped with all the latest and greatest training equipment. They also offer all sorts of personalized training programs to help achieve your fitness goal. Once you are in the training loop, their addictive training regime will grow on you. However, prepare to spend big bucks every month since you will be training the country’s one of the most luxurious fitness centers in the country.

Membership plans:
Daily basic 2000/- taka (per day)
1 month  membership: 7000/-taka
3 months membership 18,000/- taka
6 months membership: 30,000 /- taka
Yearly membership: 55,000/-
No admission charges

Operating time: 8am – 11pm
Location: 23/C Zigatola, Main road, Dhanmondi, Dream World, 6th floor, 1209 Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

Fitness Petrol Gym and Health Club

Fitness Petrol Gym and Health Club

In Fitness Petrol Gym and Health Club, they believe in dedication and taking up the fitness level to be a part of your everyday regime. From flexibility to cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance to musculoskeletal strength, and finally towards an ideal body composition, they step you up on fitness day by day.

Apart from offering the best fitness training, they often come up with programs to clear common fitness-related misconceptions. They may not have the over-the-top celebrity glamour like the others fitness centers on the list but they do provide proper counseling to those in doubt and make sure that their clients understand the true purpose and meaning of fitness. All these undoubtedly put this amongst the best gymnasiums in Dhanmondi.

Membership plans:
1 month  membership: 5000/-taka
3 months membership 13,000/- taka
6 months membership: 24,000 /- taka
Yearly membership: 45,000/-
No admission charges

Operating time: 7am – 11pm
Location: Mehar Plaza (5th Floor), House# 13/A Road 5, Dhanmondi (Opposite of Labaid Hospital) 1205 Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

There are plenty of gymnasiums in Dhanmondi, but these fitness centers top the list when it comes to quality and service. So if you are thinking of joining a top-notch gym that will not just help you build a perfect body but will enliven your soul, these are your best bets.

NB: All the information provided in the article is from April 2020. So for the latest information contact the gym.

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