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People today are well aware of the benefits of houseplants and adorn their homes with them. Indoor plants have lots of aesthetic value but also plenty of other benefits. So much so that if you were to ask someone to name a few advantages of houseplants, it would only take a few seconds to list 3-4 of them. If you ask someone else to name a few more, they’ll have a completely different set of answers. And if you ask a few more people, you’ll get even more benefits. They are an essential element for achieving a healthy apartment life. So today we’ll be highlighting the top 10 reasons & benefits of houseplants.

Air Purification

Air purification is one of the advantes of houseplants
Each day our homes are bombarded with toxic and polluted air

The current air quality in urban areas is quite bad. It can be hazardous and detrimental to people’s health. The last thing you want is to have the same quality of air in your home. And it’s not just polluted air from outside; furniture, air fresheners, and other products can also release harmful chemicals. Indoor plants can counter these toxins by purifying them from the air. It is one of the most significant benefits of houseplants. Research by NASA found that plants can remove up to 87% of toxins from the air in just 24 hours. Plants such as Spider Plants or Snake Plants absorb airborne toxins like benzene and formaldehyde. Some plants also release chemicals that mix with toxins and diffuse their effect.

Improve Breathing

oxygen rich home is one of the benefits of houseplants
The released oxygen makes breathing much easier

Houseplants have quite a few tremendous impacts on the body and physical health. We all know that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release our much-needed oxygen. But the volume of exchange isn’t equal. The amount of oxygen released is greater than carbon dioxide absorption. So if you place a few healthy plants in the breathing zones of your home, breathing becomes more comfortable. While most plants produce oxygen only during the day, some plants release oxygen at night too such as Aloe Vera and Neem.

Boost Mood

Viewing indoor plants help boost people's mood
Viewing indoor plants help boost people’s mood

Greenery has the uncanny ability to improve people’s mood in a short time. A study found that flowers are capable of having an immediate impact on our happiness. Flowers and indoor plants have long been associated with positive events, and many of us are conditioned to feel better in their presence. As a result, they work tremendously well as mood enhancers. Plants such as Aloe Vera and Basil are very effective at it and are easy to acquire.

Natural Humidifiers

Indoor plants can be used to control the temperature of the room
Indoor plants can be used to control the temperature of the room

Moisture is a tricky thing. Too much humidity can make everything sticky and clammy while too little can lead to irritation in the lungs. Plants are perfect natural humidifiers as most of them release as much water as they take in. There are also some plants, like the cactus, that captures a lot of water from the air but don’t release as much, thus reducing humidity. This comes in handy when trying to achieve an environmentally friendly green home by eliminating the need to use dehumidifiers. You can acquire and place plants according to your needs and control temperature at home to some degree.

Helps to Focus & Concentrate

The effect of houseplants can be felt when working or studying
The effects of houseplants can be felt when working or studying

One of the more unknown benefits of houseplants is that it helps you to focus and concentrate better. Studies have proven that concentration and productivity can be improved up to 15% if there are plants nearby. This can be greatly utilized for increasing home office productivity. Viewing green plants from time to time sharpen our minds and having them nearby has been found to improve creative thinking. Also, being surrounded by greenery at home helps children’s cerebral capacities to develop along nicely.

Reduce Background Noise

Background noise is one of the few advantages of houseplants
We experience a lot of background noise in our daily life

If you have a flat in Mirpur, you are no stranger to a lot of noise from the outside world. While there are several benefits of living in Dhaka, constant background noise is a big issue. One of the benefits of houseplants is that they can help reduce background noise inside your apartment. Plants and their leaves absorb, refract or reflect background noise. As a result, the environment becomes more comfortable and serene.

Alleviate Stress & Anxiety

effects of houseplants can be felts psychologically
Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to greenery reduces stress and anxiety

Another benefit of houseplants and their greeny leaves is that they help reduce stress and anxiety. Plants have as much an impact on psychological well-being as they have on physical wellbeing. We all know that viewing greenery helps you calm down by de-stressing. The soothing texture of the leaves automatically alleviates stress and anxiety from the viewer. Their presence makes us feel less boxed in. Even a cactus will have amazing effects on your psyche.

Pleasant Aroma

The effect of houseplants can be felt when working or studying
Beautiful aroma is one of the biggest advantages of houseplants

Our sense of smell has quite an effect on us. Bad odor can make us feel nauseated and even sick. On the other hand, pleasant smells make us feel relaxed and happy. The right smell will also boost the release of positive chemicals from the brain. While air fresheners may spray toxins when used, natural fragrances from plants are as fresh and pure as they come. Lily, Jasmine, and Eucalyptus are just some of the plants used for having pleasant aromas in the home. The aroma is often the most welcomed effects of houseplants.

Grow Produce

small amount of produce is one of the advanttages of houseplants
Growing a bit of produce is often the most lucrative advantages of houseplants

One of the obvious benefits of houseplants is that they can provide the owner with small bits of produce now and then. You can easily grow some fruits, vegetables or even spices at home.  If you love pepper in your food, you can easily have one or two pepper plants in your home. This will not only provide fresh produce for you but also save you a ton of money in the long run. Balconies or extended areas around the windows can be great places to have such plants.

Beautify Home

Indoor plants make some of the best home decor items
Indoor plants make some of the best home decor items

Plants are excellent home decor items. They are great inexpensive ways to achieve an elegant home. Adding some greenery to your flat allows you to bring some nature indoors. In fact, getting some plants is one of the first things many do after they buy an apartment. The effects of houseplants can be felt when you have guests over. These pockets of nature help visitors feel more welcome than many other items. Placing a few plants in corners or empty spaces can help your home’s ambiance.

There are uncountable benefits and advantages of houseplants and having them nearby all the time in your home is one of the best decisions you can make; both for you and your family members.

What’s your reason for having plants in your home? Let us know in the comments section below.

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