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Your home is one of the most precious parts of your life. But there may come a time when you aren’t content with its size; yearning for something bigger. Even though we can’t change the size of the apartment we live in, we can surely make changes in home design to make a small room look bigger. Applying some home decor ideas and tricks can alter how people perceive it. The difference between a nice flat and an excellent flat is how you organise it.

1. Utilize Mirrors

Mirrors are great home decor ideas
Mirrors are excellent for giving the illusions of larger space

Mirrors are one of the finer home decor ideas loved by magicians and interior designers alike. They can easily change the way any room looks in an instant. Placing some mirrors toward a focal point gives off the illusion of a much larger space. This becomes even more effective when the mirrors are used to reflect any natural light coming in from outside. You can use mirrors of all sizes to make a small room look bigger, but those that cover a large portion of the wall are better at it. This trick can be effectively used for any room in the house.

2. Clear Clutter

Clutter is a biggest enemy
Clutters can make even the biggest room feel small

Clutter is your biggest enemy when it comes to home design. Having too much stuff can make any room feel cramped, more so if you have a small space. Even a little clutter can go a long way for some rooms. Take a little time out of the day to organise objects in the house. Arranging things neatly will project a more open & spacious look for the room and make a small room look bigger. Bedrooms, especially, can benefit a lot from a clutter-free design. Place shelves on the wall and move home décor items onto them. Having fewer objects in a room doesn’t automatically make it less cluttered, though. Keep in mind to spread things out and not fill every inch with objects.

3. Let in Natural Lights

More natural light makes any small room look bigger
Natural light is essential for changing the perception of room size

Just as clutter is your enemy in home design, natural light is your best friend. Try to allow as much natural light as possible to your home. Bringing in light will instantly connect your room to the outdoors and open up the place. Flats in Bashundhara and flats in Banani are well-known for their proficiency in letting natural light in. Large windows, along with sheer curtains are perfect for light to pour in and make the small room look bigger.

4. Use Wallpapers on Ceiling

Ceiling wallpaers can impace the way a room feels
Ceiling wallpapers are the unsung heroes of home decor ideas

Most people don’t consider ceiling as a possible aspect that can alter the way your home looks. To many, it’s just there. But in reality, ceilings can be instrumental in making any small room look bigger. It one of those home decor ideas that is often used by interior designers in small apartments. Wallpapers have the luxury of variety and convenience. There is always a host of options to choose from. Similar to colours, different wallpaper designs have different impacts on the room. Ceiling wallpapers draw the viewer’s eye upwards and presents the room as larger than it really is. It is a quick and inexpensive way to alter the perception of your room.

5. Mount the TV

Un-mounted TV's are a safety risk as well as take up unnecessary space
Un-mounted TV’s are a safety risk as well as take up unnecessary space

Even though televisions are getting thinner these days, the stands for them aren’t. Using TV stands takes up unnecessary space that can be freed. Un-mounted TVs can even pose a threat to children’s safety at home. Using a TV bracket makes the TV feel like a part of the wall providing the feeling of a room with more space than actually present. Your TV essentially becomes an art piece with a wall dedicated entirely to it.

6. Get Furniture with Legs

Furniture wiht exposed legs give off a sense of extra space
Exposed legs give off a sense of extra space

Even though it might seem trivial, sofas or beds that have exposed legs can do wonders to make your room look bigger. Many people tend to go for a boxed design when buying furniture, but that instils a sense of confinement to the room. Furniture with space underneath is perfect for small homes. The sense of openness and movement gives off the illusion of extra space.

7. Keeping Things Simple

Simple is always better
Simple is always better

Simplicity is often the best route to take, especially when it comes to organizing your home in a sophisticated style. Overly complex home designs tend to make even the most spacious apartments feel congested. Create a uniform design instead of going for a plethora of textures, colours or patterns. Small furniture that matches the overall tone of your home will blend in and trick an observer’s senses.

Creating a beautiful home isn’t very difficult; you just have to know the right trick to it. Instead of brooding over the small size of your apartment, apply these home decor ideas and make any small room look bigger.

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