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Each year during this time, with the arrival of the goddess Durga, every shrine across the country starts bustling with exclusivity. This year, however, things are different. As regulations on maintaining proper hygiene become stricter than ever before, the overall atmosphere of the festival is expected to be different this time. Maybe this time there will be no worshiping in groups or roaming around from pandal to pandal in flocks. But that doesn’t mean the festival has to be boring. When celebrating Durga Puja at home, you can bring the festive vibe by decorating your home in unique ways. That being said, here are some amazing ideas on home decoration for Durga Puja.

Receive your guests with autumnal greetings

Alpana can make your home look and feel festive

Considering all the issues, it might be safer to arrange a get together with your loved ones at home. That being said, why not create an aura that starts from the main entrance of your house? There are some amazing ways to decorate your doors that can positively impact the overall ambiance of a house. You can suspend a mask of a deity or a small sculpture of a deity from the top casing of the door. You will find a variety of terracotta and thematic items made out of clay at different decoration shops. 

To continue this festive vibe inside, you can draw intricate motifs (which is popularly known as Alpona) on the floor. However, if the floor is tiled you can use flowers instead of Alpona. To bring out the local vibe of the Puja, you can place a flower or a lamp on a water-filled pot made out of clay or bronze. And since autumn is an integral part of Durga Puja, you can put a bunch of catkin flowers in a vase.

Bringing the festive mood in the drawing room

Give priority to bright colors when choosing curtains and cushions for your drawing room

Speaking of home decoration for Durga Puja, items made from local materials and bright colors can be a great way to decorate your homes. So give priority to bright colors when choosing curtains, sofas, and cushions for your drawing room during Durga Puja. And for those who want a modern touch with the local decor, a white-colored curtain can go great with autumn-themed decoration. It will help create a gentle autumnal vibe in your home. This will sync well with your bright-colored cushion and sofa. 

However, don’t forget to pay attention to fabric pattern. Checkered or polka dot fabric doesn’t really help if you want to give your house a local look and feel. Choose a fabric with local motifs or floral prints. But if you want to give your home a bit more of a traditional look, lay a Sitalpati on the floor. You can go even further with the decoration by hanging a lampshade made out of bamboo or cane, or you can use a modern pendant light to make the atmosphere more appealing.  

Bring the Puja hospitality to your dining room

Bronze tableware
There is no substitute for bronze tableware if you want the touch of aristocracy

Home decoration during Durga Puja is an invocation of the Bengali tradition. And the dining room is one of the areas where our cultural traditions can be showcased and experienced properly. So swap the ceramic tableware set with the clay-made tableware ones to start with. If you want a touch of aristocracy, there is no substitute for bronze tableware. However, decorating your dining room only with decorative tableware alone won’t bring out the full extent of the aristocratic feel that you want. Add more cultural elements to the room – spread a Nakshi Kantha runner on the table. You can choose a crochet table mat as well if you want to create a local ambiance in your dining room.

Spread the color of the festival everywhere

Use clay lamps or bronze lamps or you can use the modern fairy lights to decorate the entire house

Durga Puja is one of the liveliest and most joyous festivals of Bangladesh. To spread that joy across your house, you can bring little changes here and there in your house. Lay a bright-colored block or aplic design bedsheet in your bedroom. If you want to go full-on traditional, you can use bedsheets and pillow covers which have lace folds around it. Also, placing showpieces made from clay and bronze at every corner can create a traditional atmosphere in your house. 

Lighting is another important aspect when it comes to home decoration for Durga Puja. To liven up the overall mood of the festival, you can use clay lamps or bronze lamps or you can use the modern fairy lights to decorate the entire house. Placing lamps under the center table, around the pillars, or a soothing glow illuminating from the ‘Mongol Prodeep’ (a specialized lamp) placed on a window can create a gentle atmosphere inside your home. You can also place a large candle stand in the corner of a room and decorate it with colorful candles.

Three things to keep in mind during home decoration for Durga puja. Tradition, bright colors, and lighting. Now you may think there are a lot of things to buy to give your home the desired look. But that’s not always the case, however, you can reuse a lot of things that you already have in your home. For example, maybe you can make use of the tablewares that you inherited or got from your grandparents during the festival. Or maybe the terracotta showpiece that you got as a gift at your wedding can be the centerpiece of your drawing room. Or you can get creative with household items.

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