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With New Year’s Eve fast approaching, it’s time to make those final arrangements and if you’ve decided to host a party at home this year, here are some stylish and simple last minute tips on how to make New Year’s Eve 2016 a sophisticated and memorable occasion.

Once you’ve figured out what to wear and who to invite, here are some pointers on how to transform your home into a party paradise.

Choose Your Outfit Carefully

It may seem obvious but one of the makers of a good party is a confident and welcoming host, so be sure to pick the perfect outfit and leave yourself enough time to get changed before the guests start arriving.

Go Mexican and Install a Piñata

What better way to celebrate the chime of midnight than by inviting guests to break open a candy and goody-filled piñata. Much in fashion in 2016, piñatas come in all shapes and sizes but beware, if you are planning on getting one, be sure to ORDER NOW because these things are in high demand. Also start thinking about what you may like to fill it with and where you wish to install it.   

Name Cards

Name cards are a great way to make guests feel especially welcome and also for you as the host to ensure well-matched friends are seated next to each other during dinner time.

Stylish Balloons

Balloons can really help tie together a room and add some fun and festivity to a party environment. They come in all shapes, colors and designs, whether you decide to pre-order from a professional party supplier or simply buy from the local shops (remember to find some big-lunged helpers to fill them with air before the party begins) but be sure to order early because balloons are surprisingly popular around New Year…  


A classic decoration but a good one. Thanks to online shopping, it’s possible to get hold of some really stylish and individual designs that will help transform your home into a sophisticated party environment.


Lighting is one of the most important factors in ensuring guests feel comfortable at a party. You don’t want it too glaringly bright or uncomfortably dark. Use light to separate areas for a mix of functions, be it dining, dancing or debating. Fairy lights and stylish light chains can be found online or at a store near you.

Rosettes and Confetti

Further classic but effective decoration ideas, these can also be found in stylish forms online or locally and help to create a personalized and festive atmosphere for your party.

Table Decorations

Dinner is one of the most memorable parts of the evening and the place where most of the photos will be taken, so be sure to make the dinner table look suitably grand, stylish and sophisticated.  

Candle Holders and Candles

Candles are a great way to make a party more intimate and provide light without using the glaring overhead lamps. Be sure to place candles in appropriate and safe areas, to avoid accidents.  

Small Gifts for the Guests

What better way to make your guests feel welcome and give them something to take home from the memorable occasion, than with a small gift. Many hosts make the mistake of worrying too much about this part but it needn’t be anything too extravagantly grand, just a simple surprise ball filled with sophisticated candy will do the trick. Many online retailers stock pre-made surprise balls filled with candy and at reasonable prices.  


Another obvious feature of a dinner party but a statement piece are napkins. They offer a clever way to tie together your design style and/or personal style for the evening.

What will you do at 12 Midnight?

It’s always good to have a think about what you will do to celebrate the chime of midnight, to avoid any awkward moments. Check if there are fireworks in your area and if so, plan an appropriate spot for guests to stand, be it in the back garden, on the balcony or outside the front door, to ensure the best view. Just don’t forget to take the house keys and make sure you still have enough drinks put aside to celebrate the moment.  


Sparklers are a great way to celebrate the grand hour and can be found online or in most supermarkets.

And lastly, remember to have fun and relax!

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