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Do you consider your home to be a safe and secure environment? Have you ever thought about investing in ensuring that it is? If not, then you really should. Home safety is of paramount prominence when it comes to a proper and secure lifestyle, particularly in Bangladesh.

Whether you are a single individual or part of a nuclear family, your residence should be the one place you feel most comfortable. In Bangladesh, the concern of safety usually escapes our minds as we tend to overlook this over our hectic and relaxed lifestyle, but it should not. Home safety shouldn’t be just limited to faulty wiring and broken pipes. In this country, the safety of your home includes many factors both external and internal. To ensure you have the best when it comes to home safety, we have created a check list of Home Safety in Bangladesh that is guaranteed to help you sleep at ease.

  1. Avoid Home Invasion: Let’s take Dhaka for example. A city of countless apartment buildings with housing units to cater to the growing influx of local migrants, Dhaka is no stranger to the occasional home invasion. Imagine leaving for an evening wedding, only to come back and see half your house empty, if not worse. It doesn’t happen everywhere, but it does nevertheless. It is uncertain as to who will end up a victim of home invasion. To ensure it does not happen to you, find a certified and reputable security firm in your city and hire them to guard your apartment building/house. Also find the right caretaker to help with general maintenance. The hiring of these two people is necessity in order to ensure the safety of your home.
  2. Grill it up:Another way of ensuring your home is the safest possible place is by grilling up your balconies. Though existing apartment buildings came grilled up from the moment of conception, newer buildings have adopted the modern outlook of open balconies. This can be quite risky in Bangladesh, as those with homes on lower floors are prone to break-in-through-balconies, especially those facing the road side.
  3. Lock it away: The front door is the one entrance and exit which makes or breaks the question of home safety. In Bangladesh, the closest thing to safety when it comes to door locks are the locks itself and the key chain. Always get a complicated dual lock system which your household members can access easily. For better safety, avail an electronic smart lock on the door as it will amp up security.
  4. Shock Therapy: Anything to do with electrical wiring can be a serious issue. Incorrect wiring of electrical outlets can lead to hazardous fires in the long run with circuits frying up. NEVER attempt to work out how the electrical systems work, as there are plenty of electricians in Bangladesh, particularly major cities like Dhaka, to do it right. Though some of these electricians might try to scam you into fixing things without actually working on anything (so you can call them again if a problem arises, and it will), it is best to ensure you have your house wirings, both internal and external, inspected in weekly or monthly intervals. Finding the right professional goes a long away, even if they charge a bit higher, because you can’t put a price on safety.
  5. Smoke and Water: A smoke-alarm system and an indoor sprinkler system are the best safety precautions for minimal investment. Hooking these systems up to your home can ensure, even in careless moments, no accidents will occur.

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