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Ever thought about what our favorite footballers are up to when not on the field? When our heroes aren’t scoring goals or travelling to exotic locations, they are chilling out in the comfort of their homes with their families. Their homes are a reflection of the life off the grass. Let us take a brief look at the cribs they reside in.


Cristiano Ronaldo, One of the most coveted players in history, the Portuguese Prince is the epitome of footballers for future generations to look up to. When he isn’t scoring on the field, he is a man who is raising his family at his 8,000 square feet luxury mansion. Reported to have been built at around £8 million, the star’s home has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, a garden spread over 3,000 sq ft and all the amenities a luxury mansion is supposed to have. It is even said to have a family friendly pool with a mini football pitch. A very modern and eloquent design, Ronaldo lives in a futuristic art piece that is polished to finesse, just like his game.


David Beckham has always been held in the highest of regards when it comes to style. So it is of no wonder that the house he chose to live and raise his family in would be anything short of that. The West London home of the English Footballer was fetched at a whopping $50,000,000. A 9,000 square feet mansion of glamorous and exorbitant furnishing, the Beckhams live in style and their house is proof of that. The living room is at the front of the family home and is decorated with the coziest of settings with a fireplace inside. Monochrome tiled flooring that leads through the hallways from the living room to the kitchen; a state of the art, modern cooking station with personalized cupboards and gear. The mansion has been customized to not only create a cozy environment but also protrude a lavish atmosphere.


The Ivory Coast and former Chelsea star is a household name when it comes to football. Didier Drogba has amassed a vast fortune by being undoubtedly one the best players in his former club’s history. When he isn’t living the star studded life or providing charity to the needy, Drogba is living it away in his almost 9,000 square feet castle like mansion. Reported to be bought at a staggering $21,000,000, the former Chelsea player’s pad is a luxurious 7 bedroom apartment with lavishly attached bathrooms, a play room for children and an exclusive trophy room.


The new Brazilian Talisman and newly Paris Saint-Germain recruit, all eyes have been on Neymar Jr. The young and talented Brazilian has been moving around from his home, to Spain and now in France. He has reportedly snatched a 5-storey modern mansion in Paris at a rent of a staggering £12,800 a month. In addition to a giant indoor basement swimming pool, the 5,000 square feet mansion is said to house a private sauna, with a Turkish bath and extra rooms for billiards and other games. The property is said to be structured in a very futuristic tone. Aside from keeping its occupants busy with extracurricular activities, the mansion is said to overlook the exotic beauty of nearby locales with a beautiful panoramic view from the bedrooms.


The charismatic Argentinian prodigy Lionel Messi, has for a good part of his life lived in Barcelona. Having played for Barcelona for a very long period of time, it is only right he moves his permanent home there. After buying an old property for about €1.8,000,000 and renovating it for more than €6,000,000, Messi adopted his new home according to his liking. Built on high land, his abode is a mixture between modernism and simplicity. It overlooks the beautiful Catalan hills and the Mediterranean coast, which can be viewed from either his luscious front yard or from lots of open terraces and large panoramic windows. The interior of the house is said to be furnished in Mediterranean décor with a very homely feel to it. The modern abode is also adorned by a surrounding garden, with a playground for kids built inside along with a swimming pool and a small football pitch.

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