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Great businesses start with a great landmark. It is one of the factors of your brand personality. The message you send with your brand is vital for your business. So, when you choose a suitable commercial space for your office, you have to consider several things before planing the branding strategies. However, in this competitive market, there are hundreds of businesses looking for the perfect chance to brand themselves right. That is why demand for the perfect office space is high. Therefore, to stay ahead of the competition, you must plan next move before it is too late. To speed up the process, Bproperty brings you a list of five choices so that you can pick the right office for rent in one of the prominent commercial areas of Dhaka.

Office For Rent At Gulshan 2

Work in a calm environment with this perfect office for rent in Dhaka
Work in a calm environment with this perfect office for rent in Dhaka

Gulshan is a prime choice for office spaces in Dhaka. Known as the diplomatic area, Gulshan provides a suitable office space environment. Plus, area accessibility is also great. As it is a posh locality, having your office here will set a brand image that your business has a great financial backup and is doing great. Moreover, it will show that you care about your employees as well and hence you are providing them with a perfect working environment. Not to mention, it will have an impact on the work productivity as well if you keep your employees satisfied.

That is why Bproperty presents one of the finest office spaces at Gulshan 2. This commercial open floor is located near Gulshan circle 2. Plus, it has a great view as well. Away from traffic, away from chaos, this office space is exactly what you need.

Exclusive Office At Gulshan Circle 1

Commercial space for rent at Gulshan 1
Don’t miss the chance of renting this fine office at Gulshan 1

Gulshan circle 1 is one of the most demanding office space locations in the country. This commercial space is the ideal scenario that comes to our mind when we think of an office. Located in a posh area, has the best accessibility and exposure; no other office location gets any better than this one. Moreover, people will be able to find this office location easily as it is situated in a popular area in the city. So, if your business involves day to day client interaction, you can consider an office space with the perfect exposure.

Consider This Banani Corner Space For Your Office

Office in Banani
Corner office in Banani is hard to find, grab this office for rent before it is gone

After Gulshan, Banani is the best commercial location you can think of. To make it more desirable, Banani offers you a one of a kind corner office space at Banani 11. With this entire open floor, you have the liberty to customize it the way you want. If you are a fan of the famous TV series ‘Suits,’ you already understand the value of a corner office having it the way you want. So, why wait, take this 3,150 sq.ft office space before your competitor does.

Check out This One of a Kind Banani Commercial Space

office for rent in Banani road 11
A true modern office with all the facilities you can think of is now available for rent

Step up your game by renting this  3,000 sq.ft commercial space in Banani. This office space was constructed keeping all the facilities you need for your smooth operation. It has sufficient open space on both sides of the building. Plus, the whole building is covered in double glazed glasses. With a sleek floor design and your creativity, you can turn this commercial space into a dream office as you always wanted. Show the world what you are made of. Renting this office space is the perfect opportunity to achieve that. Make the best use out of it.

A Lavish 3,512 SQ.FT. Dream Office Just For You

Commercial open floor for rent in Banani
Your office should be glamorous enough to suit your business style and this office space is just perfect for your need

Need extra space for your business but has to be in the prominent commercial area in Dhaka? Then look no further than this 3,512 sq.ft. Banani office for rent. Located right in the middle of Banani road 11, this office serves all your requirements of having a great landmark. Did I forget to mention about the side benefits of having an office in Banani road 11? You will never run out of options for your office lunch and evening snacks as it is filled with popular restaurants. So, take a look at this office maybe?

Bproperty will not ask you to rush your decision of renting an office space. However, the choice is yours. Just make sure you are not too late to decide between renting one of those prominent office space locations. Best of luck!


  1. We have tourism company ,we need sublet office with sepetare door ,and sqf minimum 150 to 200 ,and location at Banani or Gulshan .Rent affordable including alll 15000/-

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