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Uprooting yourself from the place you called home and settling somewhere else is never easy. House shifting is both emotionally and physically taxing. It can even be incredibly overwhelming sometimes. Moving into a new apartment or property is especially complicated when you live in metropolitan areas like Dhaka and Chattogram. Anyone who has been through house shifting can tell you, preparation and organization are the keys for getting through this mammoth task undeterred. Whether you are moving to a luxurious apartment in Banani or a cosy little place in Mirpur, you need to prepare yourself. The best way to do that is to gather apartment moving tips and checklists.

So, what are these moving tips and checklists? Let’s take a look.

1. Take Inventory of Items

Create moving tips and checklists to keep inventory
Creating a checklist is an excellent way to keep track of your items

Who among us hasn’t lost a thing or two during house shifting? It’s quite easy to forget things when you are distracted by all the moving parts. The first step in preparing to move is making a list of essential items. Creating a checklist helps you ensure nothing crucial slips past you. Listing items and cross-checking them barely takes any time while saving you from many headaches.

2. Pack Valuable Items Separately

A good apartment moving tips is keeping the valuable items seprate
Valuable items should be treated as such and be packed separately when moving

We each have things that are valuable to us. To some it may be a golden locket or piece of home décor while for others it may be a family heirloom. An excellent apartment moving tip is to pack these valuable items separately instead of just cramming them all together. Separating them will help you keep better track of them; securing them so you won’t have to worry about losing the items.

3. Label Boxes and Take Pictures

Labeling box before house shifting is a good idea
Label every box to know its contents before unpacking

A big part of getting organized when moving is labeling boxes so you and the movers both know how to handle them. Not every item in your home requires the same sensitivity in handling. For example, a box of clothes can be carried however you like, but a box full of dinner plates needs to be handled with care. Furthermore, take pictures of cords that are connected to their devices so you can quickly put them back together after moving to a new house.

4. Get the Right Transportation

Anothe important apartment moving tips is get the right mode of transportation
Trucks, pickups, and vans are the most common transport used for house shifting

Metropolitan areas like Dhaka and Chattogram have a lot to offer. They have maze-like streets where any combination of roads can all lead you to your destination. There is also a wide variety of transportations that can be used for moving. It all depends on the distance you need to travel, the number of trips you want to make, and how much you are willing to spend. Picking the right transportation greatly determines the smoothness of the shift and is an important entry in apartment moving tips and checklists.

5. Plan Out the Moving Process

plan the whole thing before house shifting
Plan out which road to take and the best time for movement

A well thought out strategy is crucial before shifting your home. Having a plan in place may make the big move entirely seamless. It will also save you from last-minute huff-puff. You need to plan about things like how to pack your household items, select the best day to move, and which route to take. For example, determine which route will have the least traffic when moving from Mirpur to Banani. A strategy for shifting your home will make the whole process much smoother.

6. Get a Few Friends to Help Out

Friends are better for house shifting
You can count on your friends and family to help you out with the move

As mentioned before, moving into a new apartment or property is a monumental task. It requires several people to ensure a successful move. Several organizations offer moving services both in Dhaka and Chattogram. These types of services are still in their infancy in Bangladesh and may not yet be the best option. However, getting a few friends and family members to help you shift is always a great decision. Since they are close acquaintances, they tend to be more cautious. Just getting some people to help out will make things much more comfortable.

7. Say Goodbye to Your Neighbours

Get closure from the neighbors
Don’t move out of your current home without saying farewell to your neighbours

When you are shifting, you are not just leaving an apartment or a flat; you are also leaving neighbours; the people who were part of your community. You can’t always know your neighbours very well in metropolitan areas such as Dhaka or Chattogram, but a few neighbours are always by your side. The last thing to do before the big move is saying farewell to your neighbours

Preparation is an essential part of house shifting. The more you prepare the better and easier it will be. These moving tips and checklists should equip you for the big move whether you are buying an apartment or renting one, so you can focus on welcoming the next part of your life

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