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Household waste management is crucial for maintaining a healthy atmosphere. It means:

  • – Reducing overall waste
  • – Recycling or reusing
  • – Proper disposal

How to effectively start reducing your garbage?

Waste less, want less

A whole range of change can reduce the amount of waste you produce at home. Take your everyday grocery shopping for example: using a cloth bag to bring your items home from the shop is less likely to produce waste rather than using a plastic bag.

Reducing is not exclusive to shopping alone. Have you ever wondered if you really needed all the container food that you buy? Food or items that come wrapped in boxes or cans produce unwanted waste.

Reducing paper use at home is another aspect you can tackle. Having newspapers and ordering weekly magazine can not only be expensive but also produce a lot of space-consuming waste. In the digital era where everything is on the internet, you can save yourself subscription bills and paper waste.

Use it up, wear it out, and reuse

Try to reuse and recycle more often, for example, reusable packaging like tin containers. Metal accounts for the fourth largest proportion of our waste, hence special care should be taken to reuse cans as storage containers or recycle them for other purposes.

Stay clean, stay healthy

Where are you putting all your waste before the trash pickup is there to take it all away? Somewhere uncovered? Or near the kitchen? Perhaps it is time to make a change. Cover waste bins with plastic wrap to contain the odor and prevent it from attracting insects or rodents. Keep it far from the kitchen, perhaps the kitchen balcony or trash can outside.

Dispose of waste cleanly and separately. Food should not be mixed with other kinds of waste, such as electrical waste. Toxic garbage such as batteries, electrical components, automotive products, chemical products, house disinfectants should be collected in different plastic bags. For certain communities where trash is picked up, it is important to keep these materials separate from the regular trash so they are sent to their appropriate disposal site.

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