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Traditionally, the process of selling a home is a time-consuming process and can become very complicated. On one hand, there is the long and tedious process of finding the right buyer, on the other, there is the hassle of managing and preparing necessary legal documents. But, nowadays, people don’t want to go through that much hassle. With the advancement of technology, most people now wish to have everything ready at their fingertips. And it is quickly becoming a demand for the people of this modern age. We, here at Bproperty understand this sentiment better than anyone. As the only property solutions provider in Bangladesh, we are constantly trying to make the overall process of selling and buying a house easy and simple for sellers and home seekers. We take absolute measures to market the property you want to sell through us.

In general Bproperty markets property in two ways: offline and online. In the following sections, we will be discussing everything you need to know about how Bproperty markets your property in depth.

Offline marketing

In offline marketing strategy, we don’t leave any options unturned. From, customer service to site branding, we take absolute measures so that your property reaches maximum people. Here are all the ways how Bproperty markets your property offline.

Customer service to Sales advisors

Customer service
Our capable customer service executives are always there to guide you in the right direction

To ensure we reach the right customers, Bproperty has a very capable customer service team. They work relentlessly to make sure your property doesn’t go unnoticed to the potential customers that have the highest chance of buying your property with that particular specifications. There are multiple channels through which our customer service team contacts our customers. And when they get any lead, they inform the concerned authority to assign a sales advisor who then takes everything forward from there right down to the handing over process.

Property fair

people walking in a suit around Bproperty panel
Interested people came pouring into the Bproperty stall

Property fairs are amongst the most exciting ways how Bproperty markets your property. Over the years, Bproperty’s ability to organize property fairs has proved to be most effective. We have organized multiple successful property fairs in different parts of the city and Chattogram. We even organized our very first online property fair during the lockdown in 2020. People become interested in property fairs usually because there tend to have plenty of exciting offers and surprises that are exclusive when certain conditions are met. In these fairs, we get a chance to market all sorts of exclusive properties more efficiently and effectively to potential buyers who are actually willing to invest.

Print media

We take full advantage of print media

People who come to us seeking new properties, we always guide them in the right direction by understanding their needs first. When any of our properties meet that requirement, we help them with details. And this is where print media like pamphlets and brochures come to play. We make sure that these pamphlets and brochures are well made and attractive so that our customers can easily extract the information that they need.

We also do site branding (exclusive to the developer project e.g. Muzaffar Garden City by Simco Holdings Ltd.) so that they get maximum reach.

Online marketing

When it comes to online marketing, we go all out. From listing the properties on our website to pushing those listings through our state-of-the-art Bproperty app notifications, we don’ compromise our online customers. After all, we are one of the country’s first prop-tech companies.


Bproperty website
Anyone can find their desired property easily through our amazing website

Website is one of the primary ways how Bproperty markets your property. Thousands of people visit our website every month seeking housing solutions from around the world. We offer a variety of advanced technologies to help them find the right property. Virtual and video tours and customized search options are to name but a few effective features of Bproperty website

Be it renting or buying, Bproperty is equipped with all sorts of commercial and residential properties. Not only that, we are also marketing some of the lucrative properties from renowned property developers across the country. Anyone can easily find their desired property through our wide variety of listings. Check out our website – at to find them out.

Digital marketing

We market properties through every digital communication avenue possible

From display ads and email marketing to video advertising and social media marketing, we go above and beyond to make sure your property reaches the right buyers. We analyze property seekers’ behavior to understand what exactly they need and where they need it. Then we present them with a variety of options through different communication channels and avenues to ensure maximum reach. And when we generate any leads, we pass them to the concerning department to move them forward with the rest of the process. This is one of the most effective ways how Bproperty markets your property.



Bproperty blog
Our blog is an excellent way to communicate with our customers

We have a world-class blog related to lifestyle, real estate industry, and economy and hundreds of well-written articles both in Bangla and English. This is a great place for anyone wishing to stay updated on these topics. We also write one article each month named “Properties of the month” where we feature exclusive properties that may interest potential property buyers. Head over to our Bproperty blog to find out.

Last but not the least, our Bproperty app (both for iOS and Android) is another effective tool that we use to its full potential. We routinely update the apps to add new features and fix bugs. We also use our app to send push notifications to notify our users of new and exclusive deals and offers.

Whether it’s a ready property or a developer-project we agreed to do the marketing for, Bproperty makes sure that they reach as many potential buyers as possible. We know housing is a fundamental need and we are here with a rock-solid commitment to help meeting it with our effective marketing strategy.

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