Surprisingly, the number of freelancers and people who prefer working from home is increasing at a fast pace. Organizations now allow employees to have a certain flexibility when it comes to work.

There is something about having your own space where you’re comfortable and in turn, are able to be more productive. Having a personalized space can be great for brainstorming sessions, especially for people who are working independently or in creative fields.

But in order to use your productivity to the maximum level, working from home can be the opposite of beneficial, too. There are certain guidelines that one has to follow; for instance, maintaining a routine, and being punctual and not procrastinating just because you’re literally in your comfort zone. This is where having a home office can be advantageous.


If you have a spare room, great! But chances are – if you’re a Dhaka dweller – you don’t have enough space. In that case, while decorating, keep an empty closet space reserved. Closet spaces are enough for a table and a chair and honestly, that is all you need. OR, make space in your living room, preferably in front a window so that you have some kind of a view. If you don’t have any of the options, consider dividing space with curtains. You will also have the option of choosing the right kind patterns for the curtain clothes. The entire process will be anything but boring.

Having a wall in front is nice and all if you want to hang up paintings, minimalistic artworks or spruce it up with paint but otherwise, lack of color might limit your imagination.

In terms of color, go for something that lines up along with your personality. Some people prefer to paint their walls yellow or bright orange which can really get them in the mood to get some work done; others prefer to keep it a darker shade of green or purple to sit quiet and reflect on their work. Either way, choose wisely.

Light it up!

Add a lamp (or lamps if you have the space) on your desk. Opt for a hanging lamp, if you will. You need a sufficient amount of light while you work or else you might put strain on your eyes.

Choose the right kind of furniture

Getting a chair that’s too comfortable might make you lazy and hence, may not be a good idea as it can slow you down. However, at the same time, getting a long stool might make your back hurt which will refrain you from sitting for a prolonged period of time.

As for the table, it should be simple; nothing too extravagant. Remember, the purpose of the nook is to increase functionality.

Leave an environmental footprint

By that we mean, add a plant. It could be a small desk plant or one that you can keep in an awkward corner. Plants always replace stale air with fresh air so you will have better air quality in that confined space; additionally, it will add a homey touch to your work station.

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