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How much does it cost to build a house in Bangladesh? 50 Lac? 1 Crore? 10 Crore? Answering this question is as difficult as it gets since providing an exact figure is impossible. A house or building is composed of many different things, each with its own costs. And the costs of these items vary depending on preference and materials used. While it isn’t possible to give a general figure of constructing a house in Bangladesh that is applicable for all buildings, it is possible to get an idea of the average cost of the main elements used. So let’s take a look at these elements so you can figure out how much it might cost you to build a house in Bangladesh.

Acquiring Land for Construction

Land near Bashundhara
Plots in Purbachal are some of the most demanded real estates in Dhaka right now

We begin with the aspect that varies the most in terms of cost when building a house in Bangladesh. The price of land can differ from location to location, plot to plot. And if the land isn’t ready for construction, expect the cost to rise significantly. ‘Ready plots’ have all the characteristics and access to utility connections necessary for immediate construction. This saves a lot of time and money – aspects that make such plots very desirable. Plots in major metropolitan areas tend to be ‘ready plots’, and as a result, they don’t stay available in the market for long.

2 Katha of land can be more than enough to build a house in Bangladesh. However, be ready to spend anywhere between a few Lac to a few Crore per Katha in Dhaka! The current going rate for land per Katha in Mirpur starts from 25 Lac. Land prices in Uttara, which is another highly sought-after real estate location in Dhaka, are even higher with prices beginning from 3 Crore per Katha. And the cost of land in Gulshan can cost you about 7-8 Crore per Katha. The prices drop the farther you move away from the Dhaka metropolitan area. While you can rarely find land to buy in Purbachal New Town, lands in nearby areas are going for 9.5 Lac per Katha nowadays and are expected to increase soon. Meanwhile, ready plots in major cities outside Dhaka can cost you around 1-3 Lac per Katha.

Site/Land Leveling

miniuture construction work
The same workers used during leveling can some times work on construction as well

Leveling the land is necessary before you can begin to build a house in Bangladesh. Buildings need a level or flat base for construction. Since no land is completely flat, you need to re-shape the surface to level the slopes. This is also a very important step for construction as land grading is also performed during this time. Land grading drains the plot and controls soil erosion as well as surface runoff. Site/land leveling is performed by construction workers and requires various equipment. While it is possible to perform the task without using machinery, this makes it unnecessarily time-consuming and difficult. So the cost of site/land leveling will entirely depend on your negotiation skills. But the average rate, which includes both workers and equipment, is around 216 – 250 BDT per square meters right now.


Clearing and Transportation

tow construction truck
Many people forget to account for clearing and transportation cost

Before you begin the process of leveling the land, a question may arise; what to do with the cleared soil? Do you store it, sell it, or dump it? The smart answer is to sell it. Soil is needed for a lot of things and many people are willing to pay for it. By selling the soil, you can get rid of it while making a little bit of money that can be invested in your construction efforts. However, keep in mind that the buyer might request you to deliver the soil to them. So, whether you sell it or store it, you’d need to move it. And it can cost you around 1,000 – 1,500 BDT per truck to move.

Raw Materials

construction site
The amount of raw material needed depends entirely on the design of the building

Construction materials vary from country to country. For example, houses in sub-urban and rural USA are made of wood; whereas, bricks are the primary materials used to build houses in Bangladesh. Along with bricks, you also need cement, steel rods, surki (brick chips), sand & gravel, and water for construction. So let’s see how much these raw materials can cost.

Bricks & Blocks

According to the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI), the standard dimension of bricks in Bangladesh is 10×5×3 inches. However, the manufacturers don’t always stay true to this. Many of the bricks made in the country are 9×4.5×2.8 inches. As a result, more bricks are required to build a house in Bangladesh than it should be. Determining the exact number of bricks necessary depends on a lot of things and requires complex calculations. But, if we go by the usual size of bricks used in Bangladesh, around 480 bricks are needed per 100 square feet. These solid bricks cost around 27,000 BDT per truck where each truck contains around 3,000 bricks. And if you want to reduce your impact on the environment, you can use eco-friendly bricks to build your home. They might cost a bit more, but you will be able to do your part to save the environment.

Steel Bars/Rods

After bricks, steel rods are the next most important raw materials used in home construction. They provide the fortitude necessary for keeping the building upright. There are several types of steel bars used in construction such as HYSD or Deformed bars and TMT bars. But the most widely used type in Bangladesh is the Mild Steel (MS) rods or bars. Their low tensile strength makes them the ideal building frame material. The best quality or 72-grade MS rod costs around 70,000 – 72,000 BDT per ton. The recent gas price increase has raised the cost by almost 9,000 BDT per ton. On average, around 150 kilograms of steel rod is needed for every 100 square foot.


Similar to steel rods, there has been a recent price-hike of cement in Bangladesh due to new tax measures. And like bricks and steel rods, cement is an essential element of building a home. It is cementing that keeps the building together. That is why you need lots of it! For every 100 square foot, you should need about 7 bags of cement, where each bag weighs 50 kilogram. The cost of a 50-kilogram bag is around 460 – 470 BDT at the moment.


Aside from these three major raw materials, brick chips or surki, sand & gravel, and water are necessary for construction. The amount necessary will fully depend on the size of your building. A truckload of brick chips, which can cover around 190 – 200 square feet, can cost you around 16,000 BDT. The same amount of sand & gravel can cost around 10,000 – 12,000 BDT right now. And as for water, a lorry of water (5,400 liters) costs 400 BDT. Hiring construction workers is also crucial. There are both skilled and unskilled workers available for the job. The best thing, though, would be to hire a subcontractor for the work who can manage workers for you. Subcontractors will also provide the necessary equipment for the construction such as shutters for piling and columns. If you do hire a subcontractor, it can cost you about 180 – 250 BDT per square feet.

Constructing a house requires a lot of items. Therefore, trying to figure out the cost of all of these items requires two articles. So this about does it for the first part. Stay tuned for the second part as we try to figure out how much it might cost to build a house in Bangladesh.


  1. Shompod Hossain

    Helpful but what about the cots of foundation and tiles!?

  2. A good question, sir! This is the first part of our two-part article on the cost of building a home in Bangladesh. We plan on covering foundation, tiles and other fittings in the second part of the article which we will be publishing very soon. Meanwhile, if there are any other topics that you’d like for us to cover, do let us know. Thank you!

  3. Md. Mashurul Hoque

    Nice for the new home builder. Please write about foundation requirement or pilling requirement on two story building or three story building.

  4. !Fardaus

    The article is very informative n organized. In there you mention sqf, does that only count for one floor with foundation? I mean by that if we want to plan for 5th floor and we need to do foundation for 5th floor so we multiply the cost by 5.

  5. Thank you for your kind words.

    Foundation is a bit tricky and is entirely separate from square feet calculation. Foundation costs depend on how tall and how structurally sound the building needs to be, whereas square foot concerns to the size of each floor. Furthermore, the foundation cost isn’t mentioned in this article and will be mentioned in the future. However, your assumption is correct. The cost of foundation for one floor can be multiplied to determine the foundation cost of 5 floors.

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