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It is the season of strong winds and harsh storms. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep your house clean, with rainwater and dust collecting more often in our homes. The only thing protecting our homes from the forces of mother nature are its doors and windows. They are what protect our house from dust and rainwater. But along the way, our doors and windows collect a lot of dust and get damaged from the rainwater. That is why they require regular cleaning. Today, we will take a look at how to clean doors and windows easily, and what cleaning agents you should use to clean the windows.

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When To Clean Doors And Windows

It might seem like it would be best to clean your doors and windows when the sun is out shining brightly. But that might make it more difficult, as the cleaning solutions that you will be putting on will dry out more quickly than you’d like. This is why you should clean windows at a time when the sunlight is less intense.

The Right Tools For Cleaning

Before you learn how to clean doors and windows, you must know the right materials that you must use to clean them with. This is especially important when cleaning glass windows, as glass requires special materials to clean them with. Cloth or sponges, which come in different form factors, are the general materials of choice for cleaning doors and windows. A microfiber cloth works best to remove water stains from windows. And when cleaning doors and windows with sponges, make sure that the sponge has not become too old and dirty. Another factor that plays an important role in cleaning doors and windows is the cleaning agent you choose. Below, we have listed a few different and unusual cleaning agents readily available at home that you can use.

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To make this solution, mix some vinegar or ammonia with water. Blot the solution on some old bits of newspaper and clean your glass windows with it. After cleaning with this solution, they will look good as new!

Baking Soda

If you’re dealing with dirt or gunk that is harder to clean, you have to bring out the big guns – which in this case is Baking Soda. I’m sure you’ve seen all the videos on social media showing how people make old pots and pans look like new by just throwing baking soda on them and cleaning them. For doors and windows, you make a paste by mixing baking soda with water and then applying it on the spot that you want to clean. And then wait for some time for it to work. After that, you can just wipe off the dirt and you’re done! Only use this when you face difficulty cleaning, otherwise, there are much easier ways to clean doors and windows.

Black Tea

If you don’t need the extreme cleaning that vinegar and baking soda provides, then black tea is a great alternative. First steep some teabags in hot water, like you’d do when you make tea. Then let the water cool to room temperature, and then apply the tea to a cloth or sponge. Clean your doors and windows with it and they’ll look good as new.

Cleaning Hard To Remove Dirt

Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with some water and apply this mixture on the dirt or gunk that you’re looking to remove, and then wipe the dirt off with a cloth or sponge. Afterwards, clean off any excess dirt or solution with a dry cloth.

Cleaning Window Tracks

When asking how to clean doors and windows, we sometimes miss out small details, such as the tracks that come with sliding doors and windows. These are some of the most common places for dust and dirt to get stuck to. The best way to clean tracks is to scatter some baking soda on top of them and then adding drops of vinegar to the baking soda. Afterwards, use cotton buds to clean it.

Other Home Remedies For Cleaning Doors And Windows

Shampoo is great for cleaning all sorts of doors and windows. To create a cleaning agent with shampoo, mix it with lukewarm water and soak a cloth or sponge with it to use for cleaning. If you’re cleaning wooden doors with it, make sure to wipe off excess shampoo water with a dry cloth afterwards. To bring back the sheen and polished feeling of your wooden door or window frame, mix 1 cup of olive oil with ¼ cup of white vinegar and apply it to the surface of the wooden door or window frame. It will make it look good as new.

Also, if you’re cleaning your doors and windows, why not clean other parts of your house as well? Here are some home cleaning hacks that can help with that. And since most doors are made out of wood, take a look at some tips for taking care of wooden furniture, as it might also help you take greater care of your wooden door and window frame. Let us know how you liked our article on how to clean doors and windows in the comments below.

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