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Living in a place that has ideal temperature has evident and essential benefits to comfort. On the other hand, it has a variety of extra advantages that you may be unaware of. Even though the ideal home temperature varies from person to person based on a series of components. The following subjects highlight the importance of balance in the heat for a healthy living.


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Weather stability directly influences productivity

Staying in a stable temperature makes it more likely that you will have a get-up-and-go attitude. Household work or any DIY tasks involve a lot of energy. Too much hot heat makes you sluggish and results in decreased productivity. Fluctuation in temperature and humid is patently observed in today’s climate in Bangladesh. It doesn’t matter; whether you’re living in Dhaka or any adjacent cities, based on the climate change people are purchasing air conditioners to keep up in the summer season.


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Balanced temperature helps you not to lose focus

A steady temperature in the environment increases blood flow which allows you to remain alert and memorize things better. Besides, there are days when you plan to do something special for your beloved ones or throw an unexpected party for friends at home. In Bangladesh, temperature flux has recently been observed as one of the inevitable facts that directly regulate how we live. If there’s instability in the temperature/ the weather is too hot to bear, every bit of your plan gets affected. It could make you less enthusiastic and lessen your excitement and concentration towards your preparations. When you are using a lot of excess energy to sustain in unstable temperature; it’s actually departing you from directing this energy towards more important things.

get a better SLEEP

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A sound sleep is the key to a sound health

Being at the right temperature is fairly vital in aiding your sleep. A specific room temperature makes it easier for you to doze off. However, if you’re living in Dhaka, for the city bustle and noxious environment around; it makes hard to achieve the perfect and calm temperature at night/daytime. For this reason, even people from the middle class range are making it through to afford air conditioners and installation in their home regarding not losing the ideal 7 or 8 hours long sleep. Your body temperature cools down naturally when you drift off to sleep. So, if the weather isn’t too warm, that helps your body to cool down faster, inducing a long-lasting and peaceful sleep.

HEALTH factors

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Stay alert about your health and say “NO’ to medication

Extreme heat can result in risks to health leaving anyone with sudden blackout or sugar fall. If you’re living in Dhaka, you need to be vigilant of the usual traffic problems and getting dehydrated cause of staying stuck in roads for a long time. This might result in severe blood pressure fluctuation, nausea or heat stroke. Hence, as remedial aid, you can keep some Glucose or Gatorade drink in your fridge to have them chilled right after you get back home after struggling in painstaking traffic. Excessively warm temperature can also increase the spreading of bugs and illnesses around the house. On the contrary, your body has to work hard more than usual to keep your body warm in cold conditions. Particularly your heart and lungs, which are always working to keep your body at the optimum temperature.

Temperature issue is something we don’t talk about in our day to day life, but it’s affecting all of us and our living pattern in every way. Because of global warming and stark change in climate, everyone should be more watchful about the lifestyle and health. Moreover, health consciousness is a must when you’re living in Bangladesh where weather is becoming unpredictable. Stay strong and healthy!


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