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When it comes to real estate or property transactions, you will come across many different players including home inspectors, property owners, bankers, government officers as well as property agents. However, these people are responsible for stimulating a fruitful real estate transaction where every party gets affected or rewarded. Ensuring trust and transparency is a major priority to accelerate property dealings. Transparency in property negotiations is a prerequisite for every home buyer and seller but it is also a radical component for real estate agents.

Financial Decision

A guy calculating his money savings in phone
Stay truthful as it involves someone’s lifelong assets

Investing in buying or selling a home is a very sensitive decision to make since it involves a lifelong asset. Meanwhile, the real estate game in Bangladesh is stepping up to meet the increasing real estate demand, infrastructure development and investment opportunities. Thus, there would be inevitable risks in a property transaction for which both parties (clients and agents) need to stay clear and loud about the offerings. Adequate information and verification of financial abilities make every party interested in successful property transactions.

Home buyers need to be very vigilant with real estate negotiations. Though trust and transparency is ideal, all parties concerned are meant to stay watchful as these transactions are unpredictable and might take different turns at any point. Make sure you elucidate every point as your asset and savings are the most precious things of  your living.

Legal Assurance

books of law with the sign of court
Only transparency can ensure your legal safety

Buying a new apartment in Dhaka or any other city you’re living in; will probably be one of the biggest and most noteworthy expenditures you will make in your entire lifetime. Thus, honesty is a must for great property transactions as it involves law and legal securities. Both of the subjects might reward you or deceive you in the long term. It’s a must to check the legal documents of the property you are interested in buying and openly cross-check and discuss with your agent about the accuracy. This stage is vital to figure out to what extent both the property owner and agent are transparent in regards to their allegation and services.

Choosing the right agent for you

Client and agent shaking hands
Be partial when it comes to choosing the right agent

You should acknowledge if the agent is appropriate and wants to build their business by being an authoritative media.  Legitimate realtors will give you great information and genuine insights. If your agent is only inclined to making a sale, then maybe s/he is not right agent for you. Being Bangladesh’s largest real estate marketplace, Bproperty promises to give their clients a one-stop solution for mitigating any property requirements and thus saving you more than just money through transparency.

Market Knowledge

A tab showing analytics result
Make sure you have constant updates of the market

Lately, real estate agents are more credible than general sellers when it comes to guaranteeing an honest deal closing. Realtors tend to showcase more expertise and market knowledge than individuals. Buyers looking to invest would often search for lucrative deals and information about the right price. Realtors, in order to create a good standing with clients and further a strong impression, need to be frank and informative. Trust and transparency become primary since investors highly value a real estate professional perspective.

Falling victim To ‘Frauds’

A victim of fraud property seller
Be careful! There might be deceivers wearing the mask of great agents

If you are skeptical about the property agent, try approaching the clients they have already served in the past. Monitoring clients should not harm an agent’s honor as there is a probability of them being genuine and safe. There are times when your property agent is not comfortable enough to share their experience or testimonials. This sort of behavior usually depicts that they may be misleading you. Unfortunately, many buyers fall victim to fraud real estate brokers. In order to avoid things like this, keep questioning your agent until you acquire some comprehensive professional information.

In the end, it all comes down to whether you feel confident enough with the information you get from the concerned parties. If the information is sufficient and pleases you, proceed with your property transactions. Otherwise, we advise you to go through repetitive verification for better accuracy and establish trust and transparency with your appointed property expert. We wish you good luck for a safe investment!


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