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We are on the verge of the holy month of Ramadan. It is a month where one can attain unadulterated physical, psychological, and spiritual tranquillity and blessings by devoting himself/herself to the devotion of Allah. Maybe for that reason many refer this month as ‘The Month of Blessing’. This Ramadan falls at the time of the year that when the temperature is becoming unbearable. That is why we need to prepare ourselves before Ramadan begins. Our today’s article is on that topic; how to physically, psychologically, and spiritually prepare ourselves. With these following tips, your preparation for Ramadan will be complete. So let’s take a look!

Psychological Preparation for Ramadan

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Your mental fortitude is at the forefront of preparedness for Ramadan

We can consider psychological preparation as the first step of Ramadan preparation since the commitment we make to fast in Ramadan is completely a psychological factor and is more or less determined by your mental fortitude. Your usual routine is sure to get disrupted and change during the month of Ramadan. Acceptance of this changed routine is vital. From the moment you wake up to Seheri and Iftar, your lifestyle takes on a new form. How well you can adapt to this lifestyle will depend on your mental preparedness.

Ramadan is a month of restraint, and this restraint comes from the mind. Whether it’s from eating or from regular work, we need to keep ourselves in check from Seheri to Iftar. So, are you wondering how to keep your psychological aspects in check? If there is no end to this wondering, this write-up is for you. Try to truly comprehend the inner meaning of Ramadan. Understand the real reason for this restraint and tell your mind to refrain self, not just from food, but also all the things that are prohibited in Islam. If you make yourself understand all the blessings of fasting, only then will you be able to immerse yourself in devotion. Tell yourself these things repeatedly and you’ll see the result even before the first portion of the Ramadan month is over. You’ll become a person with strong mental fortitude who is determined to fast piously.

Physical Preparation for Ramadan

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Days during Ramadan can be long

This year’s holy month of Ramadan falls into a time when the temperature at its highest. And even though fasting properly will depend a great deal on a person’s psychological state, if you are not physically well & healthy, it will become quite difficult. That is why you need to physically prepare yourself for this weather, so you don’t become dehydrated. You should drink plenty of water during Seheri so that your body stays hydrated until Iftar time. You can also drink saline solution which will reduce the need for water as well as counter other physical issues. The more hydrated you can keep yourself, the more productive you’ll be when fasting. Eating soup during Seheri can also be another great decision. This will nourish your body and fulfill its need for vitamin, mineral, and water.

As a part of your preparation for Ramadan, you should also maintain a balanced diet even before the month starts; avoid foods rich in sweet, carbohydrate, and fat. You might feel weak and glum if you don’t start eating right from the start of Ramadan. That is why you should be more concerned about your diet chart.

Spiritual Preparation for Ramadan

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Your spiritual inner-self is the last and strongest defence

Attend Salat, pray to Allah from Seheri to Iftar, read the holy book Quran, Itikaf, Tahajjud, Zikr-Azkar, Tasbih-Tahlil, Zakat-Fitrah; maintaining all of these is a must for every Muslim during the holy month of Ramadan. Doing these just for the sake of responsibility isn’t enough, we need to incorporate their ideals into our being. Refrain from eating, drinking water, smocking, or engaging in sexual activity when fasting.  Don’t even act or behave in such a way as to influence others to walk the wrong path.

You might face a lot of situations during Ramadan when controlling yourself can be a big challenge. However, these challenges might be a test from Allah to see if you can overcome them. This is where the result of one’s spiritual preparedness shines. For example, you might get stuck in traffic for hours. It is natural to become frustrated and angry in this kind of situation. But through your spiritual fortitude and restraint, you can control that anger and pass the situation. This holy month of fasting and Ramadan helps us understand the plight poor, destitute people feel throughout their life. By taking these understanding as inspirations, one can move forward with their life.

Hope these tips can be used as guides for Ramadan Kareem and will prove to be very beneficial for you. Let this Ramadan be joyful, and usher in physical, psychological, and spiritual tranquillity. Ramadan Mubarak.

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