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When the lockdown for the pandemic initiated during March 2020 in Bangladesh, it was difficult to foresee how the global pandemic will transform our relationship with our homes. Gradually, we have come to a point where interior design in pandemic has become a matter of not organizing a comfy living space. Rather we had transformed a dedicated space for carrying out our professional and academic life. Therefore, interior design in pandemics has gone through multiple transformations and transfiguration in order to cope up with the necessities and crisis. The interior design has reintegrated and renewed the focus. The diversion is on functionality and flexibility rather than aesthetics to snuggle the comfort of the people. Here are some of the salient features, how interior design in pandemic has taken a new shape.  

Creating online classroom-learning spaces at home

a laptop and someone is typing
Classes globally have shifted online

Academics transitioned to virtual spaces and hence, parents were concerned about the designated places for their children. This happened to reduce distraction and create a much more customized space that looked like a classroom. Mostly backgrounds, photogenic color combinations, etc. were the priorities for creating a professional online classroom environment. This made the classes more interactive and presentable.

Exclusive attention to the foyer design

Foyers are important for separating sanitation space

Mudrooms and foyers as well as the entrances get extra attention in present times for hygiene purposes. People have become more cognizant regarding sanitation after coming from outside. As a result, the threshold area needs a precise setup for creating clear divisions between inside and out.  

Fixing up for a functional home office 

Home office
Home office to redefine interior solution in pandemic

The new specific jargon “Work From Home” has triggered the sense of urgency to design a home office. The time when the traditional offices remained closed, home offices became the center of your professional life and means to excel. Bigger workspace, soundproofing, and more sophisticated setups of furniture for comfort were the things most people aspired to. If you want to design a home office, you can easily do it with our help. Why not contact Bproperty Interior? Call us at 09612110011 or visit for more information.

Partitions for enhancing privacy

Partitions in a room
Partitions are there for privacy

Most of us are living inside the house for a long time. Family members who used to spend a large amount of time outside started spending months confined at home. And therefore, in order to create personal spaces for a large family with a small house, partitions are quite necessary. These partitions make a small living space feel like a retreat. Also, these are identifiable spots for personal relaxation. Homeowners can make use of their empty basements, rooftops, garages, and other underutilized areas of the house in order to get the maximum utility.

Going green 

green interior decor
Green interior decor always refreshes the mind

People under lockdown are facing a complete separation from nature. As a result, they are more inclined towards nature-inspired decor and color. Further integration of natural elements is becoming prominent day by day. This boosts our physical as well as mental wellness through the serene surrounding at home in enchantment. Therefore, greenery had been an important part of the interior design in a pandemic. 

Spaces for indoor Entertainment Activities 

indoor playground
It is important to have indoor entertainment for children if there are no arrangements outside

As the outdoor spaces are limited in the city, therefore rooftops, frontside streets, cul-de-sacs are for the utilization of multiple outdoor entertainment activities. Several homely arrangements maintaining proper hygiene and social distance were an inseparable part of such arrangements. People had to come out for some fresh air and socialization, but not at the cost of many health-related hazards and limitations in movement. Hence, the beautiful indoor decor is an important part of the entire process. 

Interior design in pandemic has reshaped the entire business of interior design. As a result, interior design firms have started to walk through and innovate new techniques for the integration and modulation of the services and products provided by them. Bproperty pioneered interior design in a pandemic with their project “Home office makeover” campaign. With the massive success of the campaign, they managed to reflect the situation of pandemic and how to break the barriers through reinforcing creative aspirations.

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