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What do we see when we look at the interior of a house? Do we see the furniture in front of us? Do we see how the colors where matched and contrasted? Or do we see individual articles and artifacts? Whatever it may be, we tend to ask the owner if they like a specific type of something. Why? Because we get a little insight into their personality when we see their home décor. Let’s see how interior design style describes the personality of the owner?


simple living space
Simple, clean, classy

Having a minimalist home design is very popular as it can be very clean and sleek. Of course there are limits to being a minimalist, but a common formula is used to keep things in check. The priority list goes: aesthetics, quality, texture, and efficiency, in that order. Clean colors like white are a favorite, so focus can fall on the articles and items methodically placed around the house. Contrasting colors are used to direct focal points, so everything is arduously planned and executed to perfection in order to achieve the most fluid visual direction.

The minimalist interior design style describes the personality of the most anal of people who want absolutes in their lives. Their desires and behavior is often described as binary as they either love or hate things. Perfection has no replacement and this is highly evident in the way they carry themselves. Everyone wants to feel like the best version of themselves, and home owners of this design strive heartily for that. Methodical is another way of describing them as their targeted perfection needs to be planned out over the long run.

Pop Art

pop culture bedroom
Loud and representative of life

Pop art is loud; screaming ‘all eyes on me!’ Vibrant colors are generally the way to go with a huge attraction to posters and memorabilia. Nostalgia is as loud as the vibrant colors and speaks volumes about what is important to the inhabitants of such a home. Their history and points of interest are in full display in this interior design style.

This interior design style describes the personality of complex folk with dynamic personalities. They perceive the world deeply and look for meaning or purpose behind everything they come into contact with; be it a piece of art or interactions with a person. Their fresh style is great to be around as it keeps things new and there is always room for more conversation. Their minds are as loud as their homes, even if they themselves speak only when truly interested in the matter.


vintage home theater setup
Old is gold when you organize it perfectly

Small details and accessories are what define the vintage interior design style. The past is relived with every step in a home designed this way. Of course, everything has to be very organized in order to maintain a good flow of focus. Soft colors and accents provide a subtle touch to every detail, enhancing the overall feel of a vintage space.

Vintage interior design style describes the personality of perfectionists, determined to compile complicated design tactics that go beyond just the basic aspects of interior design. Complex is their best friend as the more complex, the more peripherals that can be perfected upon. Self-motivation is a heavily perceivable quality in those who adopt the vintage interior design style, which is very useful in achieving the perfection they are always striving for.


Japanese living room
Japanese style rooms make the home peaceful


The Japanese interior design style is fairly uncommon in Bangladesh, though many people we know have attempted it. It is a style focused around natural, free-flowing accessories where articles throughout the house are interdependent of each other to create a complete sense of being. Natural lighting is highly favored in these designs, further emphasizing on a natural ambiance.

Those that actually follow through and design their homes in the classic Japanese style are definitely an organized bunch. This interior design style describes the personality of someone who appreciates the simple pleasures of life. Very organized, they like to plan things out thoroughly whether in the design of the home or in the actions of their daily lives. Contrary to initial impression, they are often very energetic people; but only the right situation will allow for this ever-present energy to be showcased. They are often calm, collected and positive in their outlook and wish the same for those around them.


classic living room
Prim, proper and perfect are the only ways to go

This interior design style is all about classic materialism. The home looks and feels like a display rather than anything else. This sounds perfect and can be absolutely beautiful, but it also gives a feeling of rigidity. You may have a sense of awe by the perfection yet feel nervous of not being overly careful of every move you make.

The interior design style describes the personality of someone who is charming in nature. Aesthetics plays a primary role in the decision making of this designer. It is common to see the person be very selective of the things they like and want and have a no-compromise attitude. They will have what they like and exactly the way they like it; they’ll make sure of this. This rigid nature can be frustrating as acquiring things can be difficult at time, so patience is a strong virtue present in them and it really helps when the final product of the design is exactly according to plan.

Obviously we are not being absolute with our reflections and descriptions here. But going through personality tests and testimonials, this is the rough picture of how these particular interior design style describes the personality. Everyone is different, without a doubt, but certain aspects can be understood from the way someone decides to design their home. What does your home look like and do the descriptors above apply to you? Let us know in the comments below and also tell us, if you could change your from your current interior design style, what would you go for?

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