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It’s been more than five months since the Corona outbreak. And countries all over the world, including Bangladesh, are slowly easing lockdown restrictions. But since the risk of getting infected has not been subsidized yet, people are more concerned than ever as they have to go back to their normal lives while the situation still persists. But one thing is certain for sure that life after lockdown will not be the same as before. Unless the entire community achieves herd immunity, proven treatment therapy, and access to a verified vaccine, you must embrace the “new norm” to flatten the curve. Here is what you need to follow to keep yourself safe when outside after the lockdown.

Avoid gatherings

A bunch of people moving around
Avoid gatherings at all costs

Since the coronavirus is highly infectious and can spread from a person who may appear to be asymptomatic, it is always a good idea to avoid gatherings. A virus can spread from person to person in droplets when you sneeze or cough. It can also pass along if you are in contact with the mucus of an infected person. And this is why a gathering is where you have the most chance of getting infected. A study showed, there is a 3 percent chance of someone with COVID-19 attending a 100-person event. So if you want to keep yourself safe when outside, avoid gatherings at all costs.

Keep maintaining distance

2m social distancing sign
Extend keeping a six feet distance from your outside family group to the grocery store line

Along with avoiding public gatherings, you must keep maintaining social distance if you want to keep yourself safe when outside. In a recent finding, it was discovered that coronavirus can travel six feet from mouth and nostrils when sneezing or forceful breathing during any kind of physical activity. In other words, keep a distance between you and other people when you are outside. That also means the practice of keeping a six feet distance extends from your outside family group to the grocery store line, line at the counter, and any place with a possibility to be cramped with a large number of people. So follow certain rules to maintain hygiene in the market.

Face mask

Face mask
Wear a mask especially when you are in an area with people

Although the need for wearing a face mask was voluntary at first, it quickly became the new norm as the virus spread rapidly across the globe. In some countries or cities, it is mandatory to wear a mask especially when you are in an area with super shops, markets, restaurants, public transportation, and so on. Since there is no vaccine or drug to prevent the disease, strict precautionary measures are the only way to prevent the spread and keep yourself safe when outside.

Be wary of public transport

Public transportation is an extremely dangerous place, if not careful enough, it can cost you your life. For those who have to continue to commute by public transport because the work-from-home restrictions have been lifted in their areas: you should strictly maintain distance while on the bus or train. Although avoiding gatherings or maintaining distance in public transport such as trains and buses is really difficult, especially in Bangladesh, taking proper measures can decrease the chances of getting infected with the virus. Along with wearing a face mask, use gloves and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to keep yourself safe when outside. Also, get used to maintaining a line when waiting for transport.

Avoid handling cash

a man is paying bills with credit card
Use credit/debit card or other payment gateways to help prevent the spread

This idea may not work for everybody and that is understandable. But the perceptible benefits of avoiding cash payments in this situation are so evident that you can not just overlook them. That is why many businesses are refusing to take cash payment as a safety measure for their employees. The reason is simple: you can easily disinfect cards with disinfectant solutions but the same can not be said for cash. It is really important to make sure everything is sterile after returning home from outside. Using online payments or other payment gateways such as (Bkash, Rocket, Ukash, iPay, etc.) can be a smart solution to this problem. 

Watch where you put your belongings

a person is cleaning smartphone surface
Routinely disinfect your belongings

This one is a no brainer. Don’t just put your belongings wherever you want. Especially your electronics. Smartphones and laptops are the victims of everyday heavy use and we tend to place those anywhere with little to no concern. First of all, avoid putting things here and there, to begin with. Even if you do put your electronics on an iffy surface, make sure to disinfect your electronics before you use them. The same goes for your other belongings too such as bags, wallets, apparel, jewelry, and so on. This way it will save you from having to disinfect your device more often and keep yourself safe when outside.

Carry extra napkins, disinfectant spray, and sanitizers

Napkins, disinfectant spray, face mask, and sanitizers on a table
Disinfect everything, clean yourself with soap whenever you come back home from outside

Post-lockdown life will not be the same and the faster you can adapt to it the better. You can not, should not just do the thing that you used to the way you did. Be extra careful about everything. Rethink the way you used to do things to keep your family and loved ones safe and also ask them to do the same. Disinfect everything, clean yourself with soap whenever you come back home from outside. Wash your clothes right away if you happen to get too close to people. Use hand sanitizer every time you touch your wallet and cash. Protect your home against coronavirus by taking absolute measures. Routinely upkeep your belongings. Carry extra napkins just in case. If you run out of disinfectant and can’t seem to find any in the market, making hand sanitizer and disinfectant at home is not very difficult.

Don’t get too comfortable as the situation relaxes. WHO recently announced that coronavirus may never go away. So keep certain things straight. Don’t make shopping a source of entertainment. Get out of the market or supper shop as soon as you are done. Limit the use of your fingertips to do certain things, use your knees, feet, elbows, and knuckles instead. Be on your guard when you order home delivery. Avoid touching, this one is just off-limit.

Follow these simple tips to keep yourself safe when outside. Don’t just go out just because the lockdown is over. Be the smart individual you always were because the war is not over yet.

So do you have anything else in mind other than these? What are the measures that you will take on to fight against coronavirus? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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