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For anything to be ideal, it needs to first meet certain conditions. Likewise, for a place to be called ideal for living, it has to provide a string of basic attributes that serve its inhabitants with all the necessary facilities and amenities. In that sense, claiming Khulshi, one of the most prominent neighborhoods in Chattogram, as an ideal place to live won’t be wrong at all. Being one of the most developed areas in all of Chattogram, not only does it offer a distinguished neighborhood but also offers a lush lifestyle throughout.

Despite being divided into two parts, Khulshi as a whole can bestow you the best of what a thriving megacity can offer.

Tranquil Environment

A community is built within the purview of hill tracts

Khulshi is surrounded by the convivial beauty of hillside; so serene that it is almost impossible not to be enchanted by it. In a country like Bangladesh, where only a few residential communities are developed within the purview of hill tracks, Khulshi not only just built a community but also made it the most eminent one. The neighborhood is oozing with scenic beauty and the feeling of living by the small cliffs and walking inside beautiful greenery is simply precious.

Chattogram is surrounded with breathtaking beauty but despite the abundance of it, only a handful are fortunate enough to enjoy this beauty from the comforts of their home to immerse themselves in quietude and tranquility. So, if you are considering moving to an area with serenity and solace, Khulshi will serve you exactly that; better than any other area in Chattogram.

Excellent Connectivity

The area has excellent connectivity with the rest of the city

One of the prime requirements of an ideal place is that the area needs to be well-connected. Since Khulshi is one of the prime neighborhoods in Chattagram, it ensures that you are at the center of connectivity with Zakir Hossain Road and GEC Junction. You have easy access to commercial, educational and recreational facilities and you also have access to daily shopping needs with notable shopping centers such as Central Plaza or Khulshi Mart.

There are a number of bus stoppages including GEC Circle Bus Stop, Holy Crescent Bus Stop, and Garibullah Shah Bus Stop to ensure fluid connectivity throughout the rest of the city. 

Educational Institutions

If you are a family man and concerned about your kids’ education, it is only natural that you would want to live in an area with well-known educational institutions nearby. In that regard, Khulshi is high up on the list. With institutions such as Government Mohila College, Omargani MES University College, Government Veterinary College, Pahartali Degree College, Ispahani School and College, Government Girls’ School, Nasirabad Technical Training Centre in such close proximity, Khulshi houses some of the most notable educational institutions in all of Chattogram. People living in Khulshi have better access to these institutions than other places in Chattogram. For parents who prioritize their children’s education above everything else can find Khulshi very compelling.

Recreational Places

Foy’s Lake could be the nearby excursion both for you and your family

Whether you want to spend some quality time with your family or all by yourself, you have a multitude of options. Foy’s lake is one of the most beautiful attractions of Chattagram. This is a great option for the amusement of your family considering all the recreational facilities around. 

This place is the perfect amalgamation of high-tech amusement facilities and scenic beauty where you can take a stroll through the serene greenery to pass your day away.  If you choose to live in this area, Foy’s lake would be just a drive away and you will be able to spend some quality time with your family without any extra hassle. Additionally, the Chittagong Zoo is just beside the lake so if you want to visit two of them at once, you have that option too.

Great Investment

Khulshi is a great place for investing your hard-earned money and the ROI is very high. It offers a variety of options as well; if you are looking for properties with a lower price tag, South-Khulshi is the area you should look into. But for an ultimate life-style with all the high-end facilities, North-Khulshi will suffice your needs. Life in Khulshi will not only provide you with best-in-class residential facilities but you also get a high standard of living as well. Whether you are a first time home buyer who does not want to break the bank but wants to settle in a well-reputed neighborhood or you are looking for your next property, Khulshi will cater to your needs for a lush lifestyle.

Other than these, there are lots and lots of facilities and advantages of living in Khulshi. With other important establishments such as Embassies of India and Russia, Television Bhaban, Dampara Police Line, Khulshi is one of the most developed and secured areas of Chattagram. Whether you are considering investing in Chattagram or want to settle in, venturing into Khulshi will be a worthwhile investment. 

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