Generally, a kitchen needs a deep-clean every 1 or 2 months if you keep up a proper hygiene maintenance regime. The kitchen is the toughest, most important part of a home and, needless to say, can get unmanageable very quickly. While scuttling through dusty cabinets may not be the favorite part of your day, it’s necessary to ensure that your kitchen is neat and organized. Hence, the more regularly you do it, the easier your daily cleaning tasks will get. Here’s our very own guide of deep-cleaning remedies for your kitchen!

Follow the ‘3 minute rule’

If any chore takes you less than three minutes to finish, do it now. Scan through your kitchen and you will discover the number of tasks that can be finished almost instantly that we keep putting off. Clearing the counters, doing the dishes or throwing out expired items and mismatched lids from the cabinets can be easily checked off the list.

Now that you have cleared the obvious mess…

Gather up essentials

Lemony fresh

Pile up the right cleaning supplies. Sometimes we end up buying products that can be too harsh on our appliances. Ensure that you don’t use a cleaner which takes away the shine from your stainless steel sink. If you want to cut back on costs, DIY cleaners can be of huge help. The use of baking soda is often exaggerated but for all the good reasons. Along with it, vinegar also helps in terms of removing stubborn stains – as well as lime water mixed with salt.

Also, dish soap isn’t always helpful

Have a cleaning arsenal handy

There is a reason why hundreds of different cleaning products are available in the market. Certain containers require specific cleaning agents in order to maintain their usability. Maintaining separated cleaning tools is the key to upkeep and reviving your kitchenette.

Stop using the same rag everywhere

Can’t keep a kitchen clean with a dirty towel

When you’re sprucing up your kitchen with the same towel every day, not only are you overusing it, you’re also creating a breeding ground for germs! Keep different towels and brushes for different uses.

De-grease away!

Oil’s no good for your health, nor your kitchen top

Because of the kinds of meals we cook, our kitchens are likely to get greasy more quickly compared to other countries. Even a hint of grease and oil on your light-colored drawers can disrupt the ambiance of your kitchen. Make it a habit to scrub off the dirt on a regular basis.

Don’t forget the handles

Door knobs, cabinet handle sand faucets are the most unclean parts of your kitchen. Disinfectant them regularly to keep off germs.

Dust up the windows

Allow everything to breathe

A well ventilated kitchen is an ideal kitchen. The windows and the air vents help the kitchen smell fresh. Hence, not keeping them clean can make the place smell stuffy and appalling which brings us to our next point.

Refrain from using air freshener

Smell naturally fresh, not store-bought

Your spotless surfaced kitchen will fail to compliment your home if it’s filled with an unpleasant odor. But then again, artificial air fresheners and garbage smells don’t mix. When the kitchen air gets stale, try using natural air fresheners which can be easily found in your house; for instance, cinnamon sticks and boil lemon/orange peels in a pot of water.

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