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We’ve already learned a thing or two about how properly clean homes. But among all the rooms, the kitchen holds a special place in our hearts. It’s where we prepare our oh so favorite foods. We eat not just to survive, rather, we live to eat. That is why we need to take special care of our kitchens and clean eat with care. Most of us clean the kitchen almost daily; so you might be wondering, ‘what else is there to clean?’ We say there are still a few kitchen cleaning tips out there to tidy up all the nooks and crannies of the room as well as get rid of any bad smell. So let’s take a look at those magical kitchen cleaning tips to make the room spotless!

Focus on Sinks and Tableware

Water pouring on sink
Regularly clean your sink after done washing the plates

Many times, we forget to pay proper attention to cleaning the sink in our kitchen. The sink is a very useful utility that lets us easily clean all the cutleries and tableware. Keep a soap or liquid tableware cleaner next to the sink. And when cleaning fat from the plates, soak them in hot water before rinsing them off. This will instantly remove the stuck fat on the plates.

As for the sink itself, make sure to clean it every week. Otherwise, it will be full of stains. And if there are already a few stains on the sink, don’t worry; there are a few kitchen cleaning tips to help you out with it as well. Create a mixture of lemon extract and baking soda. Pour it on the stain and rub it properly. Then sprinkle some vinegar and wait. Voilà! The sink is now spotless.

Here’s another scenario that we often face; clogged sinks. Can’t unclog the pipes of the sink? Pour hot water down the sink’s drain and it will be cleared in no time!

Dirty and sticky tableware is one of the major reasons for an unkempt kitchen. So instead of putting off cleaning for a later time, do it as soon as you are done eating. This will prevent the plates and cutleries from becoming smelly or sticky.

Set thirty minutes every day to clean the sink so it doesn’t become too much of a problem.

Rub Out Stains from the Stove

Frying pan on a stove
Wipe any spill once you are done with cooking

One of the major problems of a kitchen is stains on the stove and oily stickiness around it. It’s normal for things to spill while cooking. The same might happen when warming milk or making tea. However, if not cleaned immediately, it might harden and become difficult to clean. In such cases, mix a tablespoon of salt in warm water to create a solution and use to rub out the stains. Use a simple cloth or tissue for this.

Get Rid of Bad Odor

There are a few natural tricks to get rid of bad odor

We keep a lot of things in our kitchen like vegetables, raw fish, and meat that smell. That is why the kitchen is more susceptible to bad odor than other rooms. A little more caution will prevent bad odor from accumulating. There should definitely be a lid on top of the garbage can. It is the main source of the smell in the kitchen. Also, don’t keep smelly items such as raw fish for a long time. Throw out the garbage as quickly as you can.

However, there are some smells that we can’t avoid. Place a few pieces of lemon on the corners of the kitchen to keep the bad smell away. This will keep both bad smell and pests away. Then there are times when trash gets stuck in the garbage can. Here’s one of the greatest kitchen cleaning tips for such situations; use baking soda! Properly wash and dry the garbage can before sprinkling some baking soda at the bottom of the can. This neat trick will prevent trash from becoming stuck at the bottom and keep bad odor away.

Clean Small Appliances

Microwave on a counter
Clean the microwave at least once a week

While using a blender is easy, cleaning it is no easy feat. Taking the traditional cleaning route won’t be very fruitful and will leave the appliance broken. However, it’s not like you can leave it dirty either. This will result in the blend being smelly and full of stains. So to clean it, pour hot water and liquid soap in the blender and turn it on for 10 seconds. Then just rinse the inside and you’ll have a spotless blend.

Microwaves are also one of the essentials of a modern kitchen. From cooking to heating up food, microwaves have a lot of uses. As such, it requires some special care. Put some vanilla essence in a bowl and warm it up in the microwave. However, don’t open the door yet; let it sit inside for 30 or so minutes. And once you take out the essence, the vanilla smell will replace any stuffy smell it might have. If there aren’t any vanilla essence in the home, lemon can be a great substitute. Also, use a glass or floor cleaner to wipe the outside of the microwave on a regular basis.

Keeping your kitchen tidy is very important, and the kitchen cleaning tips we mentioned here are not the only ones. You should also keep the room as light as possible and use clever kitchen storage ideas. This will make maneuvering easier as well as keep it clean. Also, discard any plastic or bag once done using them. If you follow these kitchen cleaning hacks, keeping it fresh will be easy.

Did you try any of the above tips we mentioned? How was the result? Let us know in the comments section below.

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