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Organizing your kitchen can give you headaches, especially since there are so many tempting gadgets on the market and finding room for everything can be a real challenge. Small kitchens need smart planning. Follow our tips to furnish your small kitchen in an efficient and appealing way.

Storage Optimization

Vertical cabinets are perhaps the most affordable way to store your kitchen things without taking too much space. Consider shelves, pot racks, and magnetic knife or spice holders as well. Your kitchen will not only look spacious but you will also be able to show off your favorite cutlery, shiny dishes, and even artwork through decoration.


You cannot put everything you may desire in a small kitchen, and you will have to make choices between a large refrigerator and other appliances, such as dishwashers, ovens, and freezers. So put your focus on what appliances you really need. Think small in size but big in utility and choose the sizes of your oven or refrigerator wisely.

Atmospheric Lighting

Bad lighting can create a gloomy atmosphere in the kitchen. Have a good combination of direct and mood lighting to make it an enjoyable place to stay and cook. Use yellow incandescent lighting under the cabinets, or spotlighting to give your kitchen a more colorful hue.

Create a cozy atmosphere

Try to keep similar colors and materials for everything in the room to make it look more simple. For example, one type of door handles for all the cabinets, one color, and no distracting embellishments. Small kitchens do not need too much decoration; so, create a focal point with high-end countertops, cabinets, and fixtures. An elegant floor, perhaps made of granite or marble can be a good idea. Granite countertops also add a classy look and are more affordable in a small space. Incorporating glass is also a unique idea. Having a glass door for your cabinets or glass kitchen doors can give the impression that the room is more spacious and creates what designers call a “negative space”. Wall color, counters, stools and even interesting addition such as wallflowers or colorful dish towels can change the environment and the perceived size of the room. So be creative and combine comfort for usefulness.

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