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Whether your kitchen is small and tidy or spacious and dynamic, it surely needs an update for Ramadan. There are a hundred right ways to upgrade your kitchen and one very wrong one.

These very simple, yet handy tips will freshen up your kitchen and inspire you to have a different Ramadan dinner cooking experience.

Upgrade your kitchen’s design

Small kitchen design items can make a big difference. A framed chalkboard can be perfect for writing down a recipe for a Ramadan dinner. It can help your family stay organized too, make sure to write down all the household chores every family member has to do this week!

Consider adding some conversation pieces to your kitchen’s interior design. Display black and white photos of your family trips or paintings – this will make your kitchen design unique. Use kitchen towels as an interior item. Mix and match them with colorful teapots or a flower bouquet.

However, do not rush to the store straight away to get those design pieces. Your kitchen’s design might end up hideous over time if you overload it with over-customized designs. Trendy and period-specific colors or materials are very likely to become outdated in a couple of years. Do not rely on too taste-specific pieces because you will eventually outgrow kitchen design trends.

Maximize space

Instead of piling up your countertop with kitchen tools, pots and grocery store goods, make sure to put them in shelves. Consider making a list of items and tools that you have not used within the last two months and give them away to charity. Preventing countertop overload will maximize space in your kitchen so it could become an inspirational room for Ramadan dinner ideas.

Deal with bad smells

As soon as you have livened up your kitchen interior, make sure to get rid of lingering odors in the air from last night’s dinner. Simmer some orange peels and cinnamon in water for a couple of minutes, then turn the flame off and leave the pot open for the whole day. The pleasant smell will fill the kitchen’s air. Oats are also a decent odor-absorber. Leave a bowl of this healthy grain anywhere in the kitchen to absorb the bad smell. If an unpleasant smell comes from the fridge, ground coffee beans will do the trick. Place a cup or a plate full of dry unused coffee grounds in the fridge to eliminate the bad smell.

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