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Often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us”- Helen Keller

Doors are an integral part of your household that can remain neglected for many reasons. We need to recognize the fact that doors play a leading role in executing a brilliant home decor idea. Doors have always been a medium of nostalgia for people as it is the first thing that we encounter when entering a home, and the last thing when leaving. Doors provide an aesthetic gesture that accompanies your home’s composure of decor. Today we look at various aspects of doors that can affect the overall look and feel of your home and that can help you decide what is right for you.

Wooden doors vs composite doors: what suits your home?

When it comes to interior doors, the options you have are quite extensive. The two major types of doors you’ll see are wooden and composite doors. The former is made of solid wood, while the latter is made of MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) or laminated wood, with various kinds of materials used in the core.

Wooden doors are solid and treated accordingly, making them quite sturdy. In addition, minor cracks and damage on wooden doors can be covered up by using a coat of polish or by swelling slightly. They are also quite strong and resistant to breakage.

When it comes to composite wood, there are many ways to go about it. A door with a hollow core, meaning that there are fewer materials in it will be less durable and can be damaged on a heavy impact, but a solid core will be much sturdier. In this case, it all depends on the type of composite door you choose.

When you are looking to choose composite doors for your home, it is worth taking a look into how composite doors are made, what benefits and features they will provide and what designs and styles they are available in. The best type of composite door is robust, strong, secure and aesthetically pleasing, -striking a balance between stunning design and high-performance functionality.

Having wooden doors in your home automatically adds a hint of elegance and luxury. They also raise the value of your home for potential buyers and give your home a sense of glamour with their fine grain and beautiful finishing. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose very carefully, and only go for products from reputable companies, especially when it comes to composite doors.

Mehogany door
Mahogany wooden door

Here is a shortened list of the types of wooden doors that we recommend:

  • Deodar doors
  • Partal wood doors
  • Jackfruit wood doors
  • Ashwood doors
  • Poplar doors
  • Kail wood doors
  • Mahogany doors
  • Teak tree/Shegun wood door


Here is a shortened list of the types of composite doors that we recommend:

  • MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) doors
  • Laminated wood doors
  • Plastic doors

Climate’s impact on your doors

Impact of climate on your doors
The climatic impact of your doors

One thing you must remember when choosing doors for your home is the climate you live in. If you live somewhere where humidity tends to vary considerably between seasons like Dhaka or Rajshahi, where it’s mostly humid throughout the year, then wooden doors might not be the best choice. They swell and warp in humid conditions, so regular maintenance and sanding-down are needed.

Be cautious though; too much sanding and polishing, and the door may get permanently damaged. In such cases, composite doors can be a highly convenient option. They can withstand all weather conditions without any hassle, and the maximum maintenance they might need is the occasional retouching or hinge oiling.

Wooden doors are preferable for places like Sylhet or Chittagong, where the balance of humidity won’t affect wooden doors too heavily and will keep it tight and its internal parts won’t be damaged due to adverse climatic impact.

4 brilliant ideas to decorate outbound doors

Here are some brilliant and unique door decor ideas:  

Mirror on the door

Adjusting a mirror in the middle of the door can make your doors turn into a visual illusion giving your home a magical interior. 

Mirror door
A mirror into the door

Paper swoon

The paper swoon artworks give a charismatic look to your doors. 

Paper swoon door
Paper swoon content on a door

Stencil design

Stencil designed door
Stencil designed door

The aesthetic dilemma of abstract stencil designs provides an absolute pleasant atmosphere to your home.

Chalkboard addition

The addition of a chalkboard can provide a vintage feeling as well as gives you a place to compose your daily rosters. 

Chalkboard door
Chalkboard door

Tips to fix your squeaky doors

Seasonal changes often make wooden floors creak and your home is bound to annoy you with squeaky doors hinges after some use. If you’re on a mission to fix squeaky and creaking doors around the house, you need to take appropriate measures. Repairing creaking doors is, unfortunately, not an easy task. Here are some suggestions that you can follow: 

  • Lubricating the hinges can help reduce the squeaking sound. Put a few drops of oil into the noisy hinge and this should stop the squeak.
  • Dipping the hinge pins in melted paraffin wax is another option available since lubrication is a temporary solution.
  • Squeaky doors are often a byproduct of bent hinge pins, and once you take them out, you’ll be able to check if that’s the case. For safety reasons, make sure to rest your door against a stable wall or support when doing such a check.
  • Rusty or dusty hinges can also result in squeaky doors. So clean the hinges or replace them entirely.

It is highly recommended that you take proper care of your door in order to give it a longer life span. Once you fix a door, it takes a lot of hassle to replace it if it is damaged due to the lack of proper care. So taking appropriate care can help it sustain for a longer period. 

Fixing your door
Fixing your door is important to make it sustainable

If you have any questions or further recommendations, please do let us know in the comments below. We would be very happy to provide you with the information we can.

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