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Do you know that with a few simple steps you can save on your daily consumption of electricity, gas, and water as well as on your monthly utility bill?

The country faces considerable difficulties due to the scarcity of energy, but promoting better awareness of these issues can contribute to the betterment of the whole nation. Bangladesh, a densely populated country that is home to about 161 million people, has been facing countless difficulties in meeting the huge demand for energy.

You can easily practice the following easy energy-saving techniques wherever you are – either at home or in the office – to lower your daily rate of consumption.

First: look at your lifestyle at home

  1. We always tend to leave our television, computer, oven and other electronic devices on standby mode when we leave the house. But, do you know that this can increase your electricity consumption by up to 10 percent? Even when you switch an electronic device off but leave it plugged in, this can contribute to your electricity bill. So, make sure all devices are switched off properly and don’t forget to remove the plug from the socket.
  2. Using a multi-plug, where you can put at least four different plugs for your appliances together, is a good way to minimize electricity flow. Try to keep your refrigerator away from your oven, dishwasher or kitchen. Make sure to maintain space between the wall and refrigerator to ensure that there is air circulation because a hot location makes a fridge work harder to uphold the pre-set temperature.
  3. Bangladesh is a tropical country so many people rely on air conditioning during the warmer months. An ideal trick could be keeping the temperature between 20 and 24 degrees. Why? Because lowering the temperature to the minimum can affect your monthly bill negatively. A change of just one-degree temperature can save you around one to two percent on your electricity bill.
  4. Another suggestion would be to keep your windows open in the evening to have some fresh air instead of using air conditioning. Try to do some gardening on your balcony, which will ultimately create a fresh and green look just in front of your room, where you can sit and enjoy the evening air rather than continuously packing yourself in an AC room.
  5. Do you know that every day we waste at least 10 to 15 percent of our water supply? It is due to our poor everyday habits where sometimes we forget to completely turn off the water tap after using it, or we keep it running while washing dishes in our kitchen. Try to minimize these habits as much as you can. Also be cautious about using a washing machine and dishwasher, as water consumption for these devices is generally higher.
  6. Gas supply shortages can be a big problem for those who cook at home on a daily basis. Try to switch off the stove immediately after you are done with your one dish, rather keeping the fire running while you prepare another dish.

Next, look at your workplace

  1. Energy consumption can be particularly high in the workplace. Remember to switch off your all electronic devices once you are done with your work. And don’t forget to remove your charger from your mobile or laptop once the device is fully charged, which could save around five percent of overall electricity use.
  2. Both at the office and at home, you can use energy saving lights. These may cost more than regular light bulbs but they will last longer and also help to reduce your monthly electricity bill.

Now, it is your responsibility to act on energy saving and contribute towards the well being of society.

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