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People are social creatures (some more than others, of course) and that drives them to meeting and engaging with others. So when you live so close to other people, how can you not get to know your neighbors? But apart from just the randomness of meeting someone, neighbors can play a big role in your daily lives. Here in Bangladesh, not knowing your neighbors is difficult to stomach. People are so social, everyone knows almost everything that’s going on in the neighborhood. So, are you the type to give your neighbors a little nod on your way home, or do you block them out entirely? Here are some of the things you might find out about them.

undiscovered Friends

A guy knocking on the door
Knock knock. It’s a friend!

Meeting new people gets more tedious as you get older, but a great place to look is next door. Don’t be afraid to get to know your neighbors. People can surprise you at any moment, especially people you don’t know yet. Your neighbor next door might be a little to enthusiastic about their plants, but you never know. They may love the same hangouts and food as you. They may have the same perspective on music and movies. That’s not easy to find! If the opportunity arises (or if you are brave enough to create it), make the move to know your neighbors better.

They’re a good break

Two female friends talking to each other
A sudden chit-chat over a cuppa is not a bad idea

Everything doesn’t have to be serious, though. You don’t even have to see eye-to-eye about everything. Maybe you’re just really good breaks for each other. Your neighbor may be just the right step away from your hectic and monotonous schedule. If you enjoy their company, it’s a good time. If you have differing perspectives, it might be a good wake up call. It sounds a little random and volatile, but that’s really the point. A little change goes a long way and getting to know your neighbors may just be what the doctor ordered.

They’re quite supportive

A group of people trying to save a boy
A round the clock support group?

Our friends and family are there for us, always. It’s one of the thing that make us love them so much. But they can’t be there all the time. What then? Of course you’re strong enough to handle things on your own, but it’s always nice to have someone around. You’d be surprised how nice your neighbor could be. When you get to know your neighbors better, they do the same. It’s a great feeling as long as you can maintain your boundaries. As you create this understanding, you become more able to sympathize, empathize and just be there for each other. They live next door. They won’t take too long to get to you. Who wouldn’t want such on-demand support?

Share special moments

Cooking barbecue outside
Engage and indulge together!

Neighborhood parties. Ah, what a nice sentiment. Sure is good to have a great neighbor to talk to. That is, if you’ve been mingling. A well-known face is wonderful to be able to gravitate to in the midst of a crowd. But if you haven’t been mingling before now, fear not. These social gatherings are a great place to start a friendship. Get to know your neighbors at one of these events and you might end up having an unbelievably great time. People tend to become more free and you might see or hear something you like. Moments don’t come announced, they just happen if you let them.

Neighbors are a scary thought, if you don’t think about it. They’re just like you and me with their own interesting stories. Getting to know your neighbors can be adventurous and you may end up finding a friend in them. Risk it. The worst that can happen is you might have a new friend you really like.


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    Good relations with our neighbors plays an significant and strong role in making our communities and neighborhoods safer for all. It’s a great article…I loved it. Thanks for sharing this lovely blog piece.

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