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Whether you are designing a new house, moving into a new place, or just redecorating, lamps have always been a crucial part of home decor. It is hard to think of any single aspect of interior decorating that is more critical than effective lighting. Different types of lamps for home decor are a special attraction for people who enjoy interior design. These lamps work like magic to change the look of your home. Who doesn’t want a well-lit living room, bedroom, or dining room that adds to the aesthetics of their home? In today’s blog, let’s get to know about different types of lamps. 

Table Lamp

Table lamps are a great addition to your home decor

Popularly known as reading lights, table lamps are a great addition to your home decor. Table lamps might not help light up the entire house but they sure will add a hint of sophistication to your home. It is usually kept next to the bed table, desktop and used as a nightstand light. High, medium-high, and low are three different heights of table lamps available in the market. People who don’t like too much light inside the house prefer table lamps for home decor. 

There are quite a few benefits of using these lights,

  • Lampshades are usually not higher than 32 inches so you can easily keep them by the side of your bed table. 
  • You can find different shades and colors of these lamps 
  • As many different styles are available like buffer lamps, tripod lamps, piano lamps, swing arm lamps, you can decorate your home according to your preference.  

To mention some disadvantages, these lamps don’t help light up the entire house. These can be used as reading lights or accent lights for your home. And if you are planning to invest in accent lights then pendant lights would be a great option for you. 

Floor Lamps

Floor lamp for home decor
Placed next to big furniture, floor lamps can be a statement piece.

Floor lamps are functional as well as a great way to decorate and add some shades of light to your home. Placed next to big furniture, it can be a statement piece. From creating a focal point to adding an accent to walls, floor lamps can be used in multiple ways. Filling up empty spaces inside the house with floor lamps is a common home decor idea now. Just like other lamps, there are many ways to use floor lamps. Some of them are- 

  • Use as a swing arm light 
  • Will work as reading lights as well
  • Automatic on/off switch 

Floor lamps are larger and take up more space than other lamps. Since it takes up a lot of space, if not planned accordingly, your house can look congested. You might not even have proper space to move around the house. Many people use these lights to create an ambiance for the living room. So choose the right floor lamp for your home by keeping the style of your home in mind.

Desk Lamp

Table lamps for home decor
Desk lamps are great for working or studying

Desk lamps are similar to table lamps. The main difference is that desk lamps are designed in such a way that the light will only be confined to a certain space. The name of the lamp itself indicates that it is primarily used as a desktop lamp to work or study better. 

Different Ways to use desk lamps

  • To study 
  • To type or code 
  • To draw 
  • To create art and crafts
  • For sewing  

A desk lamp will help you do all of these easily. Desk lamps are not only useful but also work as a decorative piece in your home. 

Lights have always been an integral part of home decor. Lighting up the room and decorating are two of the main reasons to choose lamps for home decor. Everything from chandeliers to pendants, lights have been a major contributor to home decor. Just adding the right shade of lamp can completely change the look of your home.

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