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The decision of buying land is not easy. Many factors need to be considered when purchasing land, and among them, legal aspects play a major role; especially when the ownership of the property is being transferred. When a piece of land is sold, the buyer or their representative needs to register it under the new owner’s name. It is one of the first legal steps that need to be taken. While the land registration process in Bangladesh may seem daunting and complex from afar, it follows a strict procedure that is easy to follow once you know how it goes. That is why we have created an easy to understand infographic that shows all the steps required to complete the land registration process in BD.

Land Registration Process in Bangladesh

Land Registration Process in Bangladesh
Step by step land registration process
  1. Confirm the Record of Rights from the Land Office of Ministry of Land
  2. Conduct a mutation of property
  3. Obtain inspection for RS mutation
  4. Obtain the Non-Encumbrance Certificate (NEC) from the sub-registry office
  5. Prepare deed of transfer and pay stamp duty
  6. Pay necessary taxes, fees, and VAT at a designated bank
  7. Apply for registration at the sub-registry
  8. Register the change in ownership at the Land Revenue Office

That’s it! Seeing the entire process on a simple and easy to follow infographic makes it less intimidating. However, Bproperty will be with you every step of the way, including helping you in completing the land registration process in Bangladesh.


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    i want to do registration a newly purchased apartment at Uttora sector 4 in next month, can your company help me to do all procedures in all aspect of leagul and official work…how much about your fees to do this.

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    We do not charge our clients anything to help them with the property registration process when they buy a property through us. In fact, homebuyers can avail our services for free.

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    Can you please provide me a contact no of valid land registration vendor with office address for mohammadpur area.

  7. Sanaul Hoque Choudhury

    My parents migrated from Tripura, India and exchanged the properties in India with those in the then Pakistan. While most of the land and building were registered in 1992 through an act passed by the parliament of Bangladesh a substantial quantity was not registered by the government as the land in question had been found to be ‘ forcibly occupied’ (jabar dakhal). What chances do I , as an inheritor, have to claim the lands or compensation from the government ?

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    I am Hasnine. I have 3 kata plot in Bashundhara Dhaka. I have only the “Final Allotment of Residential Plot” in a judicial paper. I would like to proceed to start the Registration of my land. In this web page you have clearly defined all the processes needed to complete and registration. I am really so happy to find this information when googled it. Thank you so much. I will be more happy, if you could let me know, what documents I should get from Bashundhara Gr. to move forward for Land Mutation. From your site , I came to know about many required documents and I am not sure if all of them could be collected from Bashundhara or from some where else. I am now residing outside Bangladesh. I will be very happy, if I get some support to start the process of Registration before I actually visit the country and finally complete the process. Please give your expert opinion.

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