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Imagine waking up to sweeping views of Machu Picchu from your bedroom window. Sipping cocktails by the pool of your own villa after a day of exploring ancient ruins on the Mexican coast. Or building your dream vacation home at the base of Africa’s tallest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro.

Ever been on vacation and felt inspired to make the trip more permanent? Perhaps you’re considering buying a vacation home, or looking for new investment opportunities? To inspire your inner travel bug, these are some of the top properties now on the market close to historic sites.

Tulum, Mexico

Asking price: US$1.45 million

Mexico is famous for several things, chief among them are the country’s ancient ruins and pristine beaches. And there’s one place that combines both these things in one ideal location: Tulum, with its Mayan ruins and the turquoise color of the sea set against a rugged coastline. This Mexican-style villa is located on the beachfront just a few kilometers from Tulum so you can visit the area’s historic sites then return home to relax, unwind and sip cocktails by the swimming pool.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Asking price: US$80 per square meter

Imagining waking up to stunning views over one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. This 15,000 square meter block of land is located next door to Machu Picchu, a true historical treasure created by the Incan Empire. The land is waiting to be developed as a boutique hotel, spa resort or residential condominiums. The perfect investment option within Peru’s tourism sector.

Baru, Colombia

Asking price: US$7,038,000

Just 40 minutes from Cartagena on Colombia’s north coast is Baru Island, a natural paradise with a booming tourism industry. Living close to the area’s white sand beach is a dream come true for many Colombians, as well as an increasing number of foreigners looking to invest here. This spectacular 23 hectare block of land includes 600m of beachfront along the Caribbean coast.

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Asking price: US$35,000

Currently on the market 12km from Moshi, a district on the lower slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro, is this 6000 square meter square block of land. Offering splendid views over Africa’s highest peak, the block is for sale for 60 million Tanzanian shillings, or $US35,000. Full of fruit trees and flowering plants, the property is currently used to keep horses and as a camp site for travellers. It is ready to be developed as a private home, farm or other venture – and is perfect for those looking to explore the continent’s must-see attraction.

Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Asking price: From US$400-700

Founded by the Portuguese in the 16th century, the historic fortified town of Galle is the top attraction in southern Sri Lanka. Combining European architecture with South Asian traditions, the fort was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. This four-bedroom holiday home for short-term rent is ideally located for those looking to explore the old fort, as well as the beautiful beaches in the surrounding areas.

Intramuros, the Philippines

Asking price: US$112,700

The walled city of Intramuros is Manila’s oldest district and was the seat of government during Spain’s 333-year rule in the Philippines. This studio apartment is located in the nearby Eton Baypark Manila development. The property offers views of both the Rizal Park, where Pope Francis recently celebrated mass with about six million Manila locals, and the famed Manila Bay sunset.

Borobudur, Indonesia

Asking price: US$3,600,000

Built in the 9th century, the Borobudur Temple in Central Java is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and Indonesia’s most popular tourist attraction. Its unique design combines Javanese Buddhist architecture with Gupta art, reflecting India’s past influence on this region. Currently on the market is this 100,000 square meter block of land, which offers views over the ancient temple and the surrounding mountains.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Asking price: About US$450,000

The birthplace of the prophet Muhammad and the holiest city in the Muslim world, Mecca attracts millions of visitors every year. The city is also home to some of the Middle East’s most expensive real estate, though only Saudi nationals can invest here. This grand villa is located near the Umm al-Qura Museum in Mecca’s Al Noaria neighborhood and is just 20 meters from a mosque. The property has been recently refurbished and, with its 12 large bedrooms and six bathrooms, offers plenty of space.

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