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Letting a property manually is a hassle, and a landlord needs to go through many arrangements. First, they have to create signages for their to-let apartments; next, they need to hang them in different locality areas. After that, they have to go through a series of phone calls from the interested tenants, showing them the property, negotiating the price, arranging legal papers, and the list goes on and on. Letting real estate in Bangladesh manually isn’t a simple task.  

Bproperty has changed the entire scenario holistically by implementing a one-stop tech-based solution to letting. We have made lives more comfortable for you through 360-degree property visits, video tours, HQ photos, floor maps, and many other features. If someone wants to let a property through Bproperty, how does the journey of letting real estate in Bangladesh look like for a landlord?

A Landlord’s Journey

It all starts from our landing page. Open your browser and go to Now follow these simple steps to list your desired property for letting.

Infographics of a landlord's journey
Bproperty has made letting real estate in Bangladesh go easy

1. List your property

After you land on the Bproperty website page, go to the “List Your Property” option under the Property Management taskbar. Next, fill out all the credentials and details in the corresponding fields. After you finish filling up the form, our property experts will contact you. They will create an appropriate listing for your property based on the data you have provided. 

2. Update your property details by consulting our expert

Once you have listed, our experts will consult you and visit your property. They will collect necessary information like size, location, floor plan, and property condition more precisely and help you list it on the website. You will get assistance in setting the letting price and the best approach to renting out.  

3. Agreement of Cooperation with Bproperty

In this step, you can finalize your decision to be with us, the services you require, and the corresponding charges. Upon mutual agreement and understanding, Bproperty will sign an Agreement of Cooperation to initiate your journey with us.   

4. Bproperty collects your property images and videos 

Our team will next move on to take HQ photographs of your property for listing. The service will also include an augmented reality 360-degree property tour where you can virtually walk around the entire property, a video tour, VR, and a base floor plan.      

5. Your property goes live for rent

After collecting all the details, photos, videos, and ARs, your property goes live for rent with the price tag, location, and all other necessary information. Your property will also have a unique listing number for quick referencing.  

6. Legal Consultation

After a tenant agrees to rent your property, we will arrange for signing legal agreement papers to conform to the conditions, rent, and tenure. This signing is to protect the interest of all the parties involved. We will also arrange police verification to ensure a transparent, safe, and smooth procedure. Letting real estate in Bangladesh is undoubtedly a simpler concept now for the services we provide.

7. Arrangement and Handover of the Property

After signing all the agreements, it is time for you to arrange and handover the keys to the tenant. After completing the successful renting, we request you to make sure that you have cleared up all the service charges that you need to pay to Bproperty (upon agreement). We wish you a delightful journey with your tenants.   

As you can see, in just seven simple steps, you can easily let your property for rent. Letting real estate in Bangladesh manually is quite a labor and has lots of complexities. Sometimes, issues of safety, breach of trust, and other issues come up. Bproperty is always there to provide you the best possible service while keeping the aspects of transparency and credibility intact.

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