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Luxury estates, supercars, mega yachts. If you were a wealthy tech mogul, how would you spend your billions?

Tomorrow, tech lovers the world over will celebrate Geek Pride Day. In honor of this annual celebration of geek culture, we’ve put together a list of the luxury homes belonging to the world’s tech billionaires. Turns out being a geek has its perks…

Mark Zuckerberg

Despite being worth a reported $30 billion USD, the Facebook founder has (mostly) avoided the usual trappings of the rich and famous. Property-wise, Zuckerberg owns a 5000 square foot house in Palo Alto, California – in the same neighborhood where Steve Jobs once lived. He and wife Priscilla Chan paid $7 million for the property in 2011. The couple also owns a $10 million house in San Francisco. Their big spend? They forked out $90 million for the penthouse of One57, a skyscraper in New York.

Bill Gates

The former Microsoft chairman and a known philanthropist, Bill Gates is currently the world’s richest man. Little wonder then that he lives in such splendor: his property in Medina, Washington even has its own Wikipedia page. The mansion took seven years to build at a cost of more than $63 million. It is an ‘earth-sheltered house’, meaning it uses its natural surrounds to prevent heat loss and regulate interior temperatures. Features include a massive swimming pool with underwater music, 2500 square foot gym and a 23-car garage. The catch? Gates reportedly pays $1 million US a year in property taxes.

Eric Schmidt

The Google billionaire recently bought a 9000 square foot mansion in Hollywood for a cool $22 million USD. Schmidt gets to count Hugh Hefner among his neighbors, as the Playboy Mansion is only minutes away. The purchase would have been just a drop in the bucket for Schmidt, however: As executive chairman of Google, Schmidt is worth $8.3 billion USD.

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