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Originally a part of Gulshan Thana, Banani is partially a residential neighborhood and a diplomatic zone. This region has always identified as the place for upscale citizens of Bangladesh. When you decide to settle in an elite areas of Dhaka, let’s see what it has to offer.


Your neighboring area is Gulshan which basically means you get to reap off its benefits, too. Reputed schools like International Turkish Hope School, Green Dale International School, American International School Dhaka, Onnesha International School and College and many others are easily accessible.


Because of the linked roads and flyovers in between, it is now easier than ever to travel to places. There are rickshaws available in designated areas as well as A/C buses for travelling inside Gulshan and Banani. Needless to say, residing in Banani just gets more convenient each day.

Healthcare facilities

Hospitals like Labaid and Prescription Point are open 24/7 at your service. Moreover, although it’s a little outside the vicinity, United Hospital Limited happens to be in the neighboring area.


There are countless cafes and eateries present in Banani. Starting from Kemal Ataturk Avenue to Banani 11, you can find a range of varieties. If you take a stroll around the roads of Banani 11, you’ll find international chain cafes like Crimson Cup and Krispy Kreme and food places like Burger King, Herfy and Nandos. And if you want to get a little deshi culture, take a look around Jatra Biroti.

Flat Prices in Banani

Living in an aristocratic (and well-facilitated)  neighborhood definitely comes with a price. Renting an apartment between 700 square feet to 1300 square feet ranges from BDT 30,000 up to BDT 400,000. For buying ready-made properties, the prices start from as low of BDT 14,000,000 up to BDT 320,000,000 for apartments between the size of 1400 to 4200 square feet.

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