Being one of the oldest neighborhoods in Dhaka, Dhanmondi has evolved into a micro-city with its abundant educational institutions, supermarkets, modern shopping malls, hospitals and eateries. Alongside being a suitable residential area due to all these facilities, Dhanmondi also serves as a busy hub for commercial estates, banks and corporate offices. With the perfect balance of tranquility and the presence of all amenities one could wish for, Dhanmondi has become a premier location commercially and residentially. Find your desired properties for sale in Dhanmondi here.


With a plethora of educational institutions developing around the area, the preference of Dhanmondi for living has been increasing rapidly. Renowned English-medium schools such as Sunbeams, Sunnydale, Oxford International, Scholastica, ESS, Dhanmondi Tutorial, Mastermind, Maple Leaf, etc. are located in Dhanmondi, ensuring the best possible start for your little ones. Additionally, colleges like Dhaka City College and Universities such as UODA, ULAB, UIU, University of Asia Pacific and many other well-known universities are also located here. Having all these nearby not only saves fuel costs and time but also gives you the utmost convenience.

Banks and Offices

Almost all banks operating across the country have an outlet in Dhanmondi, including foreign banks such as City Bank, HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank. Most of these banks have multiple ATM booths all over the area. A number of offices are also located in Dhanmondi and nearby locations. Imagine getting those few extra minutes of sleep because of having your office at arm’s reach. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Medical Facilities

Emergency situations can arise at any time, and living in Dhanmondi provides the convenience of having a large number of hospitals and medical centers nearby. Hospitals such as IBN Sina, DIPHAM, Labaid, Popular Diagnostic Center, Central Hospital, City Hospital and Bangladesh Eye Hospital are some of the reputed hospitals available here, ensuring world-class healthcare facilities to you any time of the day.

Ease of Commuting

Living in Dhanmondi not only offers all possible commodities nearby, but also facilitates movement within the city. Daily commute is readily available and cheaper with bus services and local transports. Well-planned roads and infrastructures ease connectivity with surrounding communities such as Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Panthapath and Shahbag.


Shopping outlets and malls offering all kinds of commodities have spawned all over Dhanmondi, offering the ultimate shopping paradise for any shopaholic. Rapa Plaza, Shimanto Square, Metro Shopping Mall, Anam Rangs Plaza and Plaza A.R are some widely known malls. Departmental stores such as Nandan, Meena Bazaar, Agora, Almas and Shwapno are also there to cater to your shopping needs.


Hungry after a quest to find the perfect items while shopping in these malls? Dhanmondi also offers a solution to all you foodies. There are three to four buildings showcasing countless multi-cuisine restaurants you can choose from. Be it the burgers at Chef’s Cuisine, Madchef, Takeout, Chillox or Burger King, the luscious pizzas and pastas of Pizza Inn, Al Fresco, Pizza Hut, Pizza Roma and Bella Italia, the Indian delicacies at Handi, Sultan’s Dine or Delhi Darbar or the scrumptious treats from Waffled, Glazed, Gloria Jeans or North End, Dhanmondi offers you numerous food outlets. (Yes, even the ones with branches from other parts of the city!)


By having four Thanas surrounding the area, the presence of law enforcement in the areas is fully ensured. Night patrols by trained guards and security personnel guarantee the safety of Dhanmondi residents and their properties at night.


Cultural and social institutes and centers like Goethe Institute, Russian Cultural Center, Nazrul Institute, Drik Gallery, EMK Center, Alliance Francaise, etc. which showcase a number of fairs, cultural events and exhibitions all throughout the year are also located in Dhanmondi. Along with these institutes, Rabindra-Sarobar located near Dhanmondi Lake celebrates various events and provides a scope for cultural gatherings. Walkways and the pleasing waterfronts ornamented with lush greenery near Dhanmondi lake offer picturesque views during morning or evening walks. Bangabandhu Jadughar is also located there.

With all these perks of living in Dhanmondi, the area is becoming even more popular. Because of its affluent appeal, the buildings here have been designed by top developers ensuring comfort in living in every way. Thus, by considering the recreational and civic establishments and the well-designed homes by several top real estate companies, choosing Dhanmondi to be the location of your dream-home should not be a difficult decision to make.

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