Because of our cultural preferences and practices, Bangladeshis have always been accustomed to living in bigger apartments; be it for the sake of joint families or to have a bigger space for ourselves. What we often forget to take into consideration is just how affordable and easy-to-live space is a studio apartment. That’s why we thought of reminding you the benefits that come along with living in your own little space.

It’s super affordable!

Studio apartments tend to be generally smaller than multi-bedroom apartments which mean you’ll be able to set some money aside. These sorts of apartments are ideally best suited for couples who are looking for a space of their own or people who wants to live alone. Studio apartments pay off in the long run because they are usually located in convenient places for instance, closer to work or universities. So, do you want to adapt to minimalist living today?


Smaller apartment means lesser utilities paid and lesser things to have in your space. When you start living in a confined place, you focus on the must-haves instead of the fancy-wants.

Maintenance has never been this easy!

When you can see your entire apartment at once, you will not be able to live in a cluttered space. One of the best things about living in a studio apartment is that they make you want to clean up even when you don’t want to. It’s not time-consuming at all and it makes you adapt to healthier habits like accumulating less junk.

It forces you to be closer with the person you’re living with

Studio apartments are usually rented out by couples or a single person who are looking to save up or simply, lead a minimalist life. If you are living with someone, you two are likely to be cooped up in a small space for a long time.

Studio apartments in Dhaka

Starting from an astonishing small sized apartment, 650 square feet up to 1200 square feet studio apartments are available all over Dhaka in locations like Pragati Sharani, Gulshan and Banani. Not only for rent; if you look hard enough, you might just well come across apartments you can have ownership of. While studio apartments might not sound like a big deal at this day and age, as progressive as we are becoming slowly, it’ll pay off as a major investment in the future.

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