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Uttara has always been recognized as a residential area. People from all over the country want to reside here because at the end of the day, all of us want to keep away from the daily bustle and chaos our lives have to offer.

With the absence of hostility and the ease of having everything within your reach, here’s what it feels like living in one of the most elite neighborhoods in Dhaka.


To everyone’s knowledge, we know that Uttara is super close to the airport which basically means that everything else is nearby as well. Heading towards Uttara, you will stumble across Rajlaxmi market where you can find goods for unbelievably cheap prices. Taking a stroll around Jasimuddin Avenue, big commercial complexes like RAK tower and ABC tower can be located. Many flagship stores of popular brands like Yellow, Aarong, Astorian, etc. are also located in Uttara.

Reputed banks like The City Bank, Agrani Bank, NRB Bank, Islami Bank and so many more can be found here. Uttara has been growing into a commercialized area over the past recent years and the presence of well reputed organizations say so, too. Moreover, many startups are growing inside the region because of the affordability. If buying a property isn’t an option, renting in Uttara is relatively cheap compared to other areas in Dhaka.


Starting from Takeout to Richmond, take advantage of the availability of all these eateries. Cafes like Trouvaille and George’s Café sound like a perfect place for a rainy day when you’re feeling a little under the weather. And if you don’t mind the traffic, Dhaka Regency or Le Meridien aren’t too far either.

Healthcare facilities

Hospitals like Uttara Central Hospital, Regent Hospital, Uttara Maa o Shishu Hospital, etc are available for 24 hours at your convenience in case of unfortunate events.

Educational institutes

With elite schools like International Turkish Hope School, BIT, South Breeze and Mastermind, you can rest assured that your little ones will start off a good year.   

Top notch security

The APBN headquarter is situated in Uttara along with two other thanas. Need I say more?

Making a space your home will always come with its advantages and perks but residing in Uttara means you will be able to experience the serene nature of a secluded area far from the city but still with all the benefits of city life.

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