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Interior design has changed a lot with time. New trends come and go in the fast-moving world of interior design and home decor. And last year, we covered the top interior design trends of 2020 in our blog. Interior design has always been something that people did out of their own volition, and put their creativity into it. Resources were always available for that. But since last year, the world has entered into a state of lockdown as a result of the pandemic. Many people have started staying at more home often, working from home. Our needs inside the home have also changed. So in today’s blog, we will see the effect of the lockdown on home decor.

Lockdown Home Decor

With the onset of the pandemic, a lot has changed, starting from our habits and practices to how the world has been operating. Many new changes have been brought into our lives, as we are more concerned about cleanliness. We have also been staying at home more. As a result, our needs and requirements have also changed, aiming more towards comfort than aesthetics. Today, we’ll be exploring all the effects of lockdown on home decor.

Living Rooms Serving a Purpose

Effect of Lockdown On Home Decor
Spending time together with family

The lockdown has impacted every aspect of our lives, from work to festivities. This has also impacted the home decor of our living room, which used to be meticulously kept neat, clean, and organized for guests. Now, it has become more of a place where people relax and watch movies. Living room decor is now more geared towards comfort.

And there’s also the factor of health and cleanliness, with every room of our homes equipped with hand sanitizers. Many have turned their living rooms into a place where they can access their clothes right after entering the home from outside. This decreases the chances of contamination of the bedroom, as one can step right into the shower after taking clothes from the living room. Children also use the living room as their playroom, as they cannot go outside and play.

Because of all these things, the living room is serving a whole new set of purposes when compared to before. And this change in living room decor has been a profound effect of lockdown on home decor. But as the world heals, this situation will change, and things will slowly get back to normal. And the living room will return to being the centerpiece of the house!

Home Office & Online Class

The home office hays become the place of work for many

Although the pandemic has resulted in many workplaces shutting down, work has never stopped, with many people working from home. The same has happened with education, starting from school and going all the way to universities. The students have also shifted to online classes. This is why many people have converted extra rooms or extra living spaces into a study room or home office, where they can do their work in peace. Many people have converted unused tables and desks into home office setups for increased productivity. Many people have also made DIY office desks. This has ended up having a massive impact on home decor.

Quarantine Room

Creating a quarantine room isn’t that hard

With many people succumbing to Covid, the need for having a separate quarantine or isolation room has never been more important. Thankfully, not many changes are needed to turn a normal room into a quarantine room, as creating a quarantine room is very easy. You just have to make sure that this room is isolated from the rest of the house. It also has to be very open and airy. Proper provisions also have to be made for cleanliness and safety inside the room.

Clutter-free House For Patients

Make sure to accommodate for the every need of your patient

When creating a quarantine room for a patient, be sure to ensure that there isn’t any unnecessary clutter in the room. Firstly, it’d make moving around a lot harder for the patient. And secondly, it’ll be harder to maintain cleanliness in the room, as you will have to be cleaning each and every piece of furniture. So be sure to get rid of unnecessary clutter in the room. This could include certain furniture and electronics which the patient has no need for. There are also some things that are necessary for a quarantine room. This includes a water bottle, a medicine box, an alarm clock for medicine reminders, and light snacks. Other items such as a crutch or walking stick should also be placed in the room near the bed, in case the patient needs it.

The pandemic and its resulting lockdowns have had a massive impact on many aspects of our lives. And today, we explored the effect of lockdown on our home decor, which has been the place we spent most of our time in this year. When things get better, more and more people will start focusing on beautifying their home decor again. And if you’re in need of interior design help, be sure to contact Bproperty Interior for help!

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