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There are two types of foods that can be found in the market. Perishable foods such as meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, etc. that decay, spoil, and become unsafe to consume if not kept refrigerated below 4.4° C or less. And Non-perishable products such as canned foods, dried fruit, and so on that can last for a long time. While you can sustain on these for a while, it would be really difficult to live solely depending on non-perishable food alone; sooner or later you have to go to the market. Not just for food, you may need to go outside in order to buy medicine also. Since going to the market is unavoidable and there are a lot of ways you can get infected by Corona or other deadly germs, it is absolutely necessary to maintain hygiene in the market. 

Wear a Mask

A sanitizer, a mask, and a hand glove
Taking proper precautionary measures is the only way to prevent infection

Since no drug or vaccine has yet been developed to prevent this virus, the only way to prevent it is to take precautionary measures. Experts all over the world have suggested using masks to prevent the infection. Whether you are infected or healthy, you must wear a mask every time you go outside. There are many people who take off their masks when no one is around, which is extremely risky. You just can’t know when and how you’re going to be infected. In this case, taking proper precautionary measures is the only way.

Maintain Proper Distance

a woman wearing mask is checking a tomato
Ensure social distancing when you in the market

During the Corona pandemic of 2019-2020, the CDC enacted some rules to ensure social distancing. These include “staying away from gatherings, keeping a distance of about six feet or two meters from others”. In a recent study, scientists found that the coronavirus can travel up to six feet from the mouth or nostrils when sneezing or forceful breathing during any kind of physical activity. So everyone is advised to maintain a physical distance of two meters as a precautionary measure to prevent this infection. Yes, it is difficult but not impossible to maintain when you are going to the market. Maintain the line. Do not fall on others! Do not rush. Wait patiently for the buyer in front of you to finish.

Be Wary of Common Spaces

boxes of fruits
Disinfect the common space with a sanitizer

One of the most effective ways to protect your home against coronavirus is to clean the common space in your home with a disinfectant. Similarly, there are some common spaces in the market that everyone touches. Now, this is what you should be aware of. Touch them only after disinfecting them with a sanitizer. All the baskets at a supermarket, for example, can carry viruses, germs, and other harmful bacteria that can attack the vitals of your body. As the handles of baskets or carts are touched by countless people every day, germs can spread through the process. According to experts, about half of the super shops contain enterobacteria, which cause various intestinal diseases. So wipe down the handles of the basket with disinfectant ‘wipes’ before you touch them. Also, don’t forget to keep hand sanitizer with you! You can even make a hand sanitizer at home with simple steps.

Use Cards (if possible) Instead of Cash

a hand is holding a credit card in front of a computer
Use credit/debit cards whenever possible.

Although it may not work for everyone, you should pay in cards instead of cash. You can easily disinfect cards with disinfectant but the same is not possible with cash. We need to make sure that whatever we buy or bring home is sterile. In that sense, cards or bKash payments are very effective! Be careful though, when you are using mobile phones. It is a bit difficult to maintain hygiene in the market but it can be done by taking the proper measures.

Try to Avoid Shops with Lines

we are open sign hanging on a door
Try to avoid shops that are overcrowded and have lines outside

Avoid shops, markets, or super shops as much as possible that are expected to be overcrowded or have lines. Try to buy vegetables from the roadside and try to get the rest of your non-perishable shopping from the local grocery store. This way you can easily maintain hygiene in the market without ever going to a major market.

Make a list before you go to the market. Having a list is very efficient and it can save you time while buying things from the market. Besides, it is now the month of Ramadan! You must have thought about what to eat to stay fit and healthy during Ramadan, so buy as such.

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