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Eid-Ul-Adha, one of the most celebrated days among Muslims all over the globe, is almost here. However, unlike any other year, due to the nationwide lockdown, the celebration would be different this year. But that does not mean we can’t perform the holy sacrifice. Proper caution and preparation is key. Just by maintaining some safe practices during this Eid, you can ensure the safety of your loved ones and people around you.


Here are some of the safe practices that you can maintain this Eid.


Go Online

Given the current circumstances, going to a ‘haat’ might not be a wise idea. Instead opt for online. Many vendors are now selling sacrificial animals online. This is a hassle free as well as safe way of buying your desired animal. Shopping online will also help you stay protected from the virus. 


Limit Yourself to the Cattle Market

 If you are hesitant about buying the animal online or don’t want to rely on just pictures or videos, then it is better to visit the local cattle markets in your area. Rather than going to the popular cattle markets in your city, one of the safe practices during this Eid could be visiting the closest one in your neighbourhood. And on your way, keep a safe distance from others and wear your mask at all times.


Avoid Crowded Places during Sacrifice

Given the uncertainty on the COVID-19 surge, it is best if you avoid crowded places to perform the sacrifice. Choose a place which is open and not congested. If you are planning to do it in the garage of your home then consult with your neighbours and select a time when others won’t be performing the sacrifice.


Avoid Crowded areas
Avoid crowded areas

Clean the Cutting Tools Properly

Usually the cutting tools that we use during Eid-ul-Adha are not used throughout the year. Thus it becomes a safe home for germs and bacteria. So before you go through with the sacrifice, clean all the tools properly with disinfecting spray and then proceed. 


Distribute the Meat with Caution

While maintaining safe practices during this Eid, many don’t provide much attention during meat distribution. Whereas, meat distribution requires you to get in close contact with others. To avoid that, pack the meat beforehand and wear a glove while distributing. You can take the help of delivery services to distribute the meat to your loved ones as well.


Clean Afterwards

It goes without saying that making sure the area is clean after the sacrifice is done is crucial even when the world is not undergoing a pandemic. So, this time around it could be one of the most significant things to keep in mind. You can take help from your neighbors or even call cleaning services to get it done for you. Also, keep the kitchen clean too because from meat distribution to cooking, everything will be done from here. Wondering how to keep your kitchen clean during such busy times? Read our article on how to clean a kitchen properly to know more!


Eid brings joy, Eid brings all of us closer together. But with everything going on around the world, by following some of these safe practices during this Eid can ensure that we all celebrate a happy and safe Eid. 


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