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Are you still waiting to get a prospective buyer for the house you want to sell? The time, effort and some limited fiscal investment can ensure you competitive margin to sell your home when you want, at the price you want. Hence, if you are waiting to get the best price, you might need to give a check to things which would help in speeding up the whole selling process. Selling a house has a lot to do with the layout of the building, type of property and size of land and so on. However, many other elements directly influence buying decisions. The way you present your house involves trust issues since the prospective buyers are compelled to make a big investment. So it’s compulsory to be transparent and honest with what you have and proceed with bargaining for the value you deserve.

Interested buyers mostly decide within a very short time whether they like your house. The buyers start developing their opinion before they even walk through the door! However, this attitude is actually regarded as the first impression which should be long lasting and is also very important for the sale. Your foremost role as a seller will be to make the house as engaging and streamlined as possible to buyers coming for a visit.

If your house is already on the market but still taking time to draw potential buyers, these guidelines might help you to make your house more presentable.

Walk in with “wonder”

Picture of an apartment's entrance
Clean entrance reflects how the property has been taken care of

No matter how good it looks from the inside, the entrance of your house would make the first and most important impression. Head out to the outside and fix everything that needs to be fixed. Keep yourself in your buyer’s shoes and think, would you be interested in spending for this house at first glance? If this question puts you in ambiguity, it’s high time to change the look. If the image of your property is not good, many intrigued buyers will not even walk through the door.

Start by cleaning out clutter from the yard or garden (if you have any) and mow the grass. Hence, it gives a vibe to the buyer that the property is well-kept and they would deliberately feel the need to maintain the property in your way. Besides, if you are planning to sell your apartment, make sure the entrance door is a bit more fabricated than its present condition. Consider putting some beautiful flowers or plants outside the door. If the old paint color is not doing any justice to the appearance, pay a fortune and repaint the surrounding area to the door.

Attractive looking walls

Picture of a painting tool on wall
A fresh coat of paint can never miss the attention

After you are done refurbishing the exterior, let’s get into the house and start with the fundamental imperfections. One of the imperative inputs would be painting or deploying new wallpapers. Painting a home is one of the reasonable expenses when it is about the interior.

A new coat of paint makes a home feel fresher, brighter and newer. Buyers usually get attracted by neutral tones. As a matter of fact, neutral colors help a buyer picture themselves living in the house, which makes it easier for them to decide if they want to buy an apartment or not. So give yourself a great opportunity to obtain the best price by making your home a calm looking space. For those who live in rental apartments, they do not have to worry about these sort of expenses at all. Whereas, as a homeowner, it becomes a must to count it as one of your priorities.

Therefore, it is essential to give mindful attention to the painting, since the taste of how you present the house/room speaks out loud about you too. There is a famous quote by a famous English designer  –

“The best rooms also have something to say about the people who live in them”
– David Nightingale Hicks

Pick the color schemes that suits your home the best. For your reference, here is a list of popular painting showrooms in Dhaka –

  • Leo King International (House – 79, Block – J, Chairman Bari, Banani, Dhaka-1100, Bangladesh.)
  • Interior Concepts BD (323 Aftab Tower, DIT Road, East Ranpura, Dhaka, Bangladesh.)
  • Khans Interior & Wallpaper  (66, Property Plaza, Mouchak, Outer Circular Road, Malibagh, Dhaka, Bangladesh.)
  • Berger Home Decor (Holding no 24, Road – 11, Block – F, Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh.)

Declutter the whole space

A sorted and clean bedroom
No cluttering in the house to earn your buyer’s trust

Clutter prevents anybody who might be willing to buy your house. Since this blocks the buyer from seeing all the nooks and crannies of the apartment. Most buyers can’t see past the owner’s clutter and assume they are hiding something. This is a major factor in terms of evaluating a home before buying as it withstands trust issues. Therefore, you need to declutter your space and get rid of all the unwanted stuff from every corner of your house. Buyers need to envision themselves and how the property would look like if they lived there. People tend to invest more in the lifestyle apart from the property. Hence, it will help them in visualizing the attractive side of your lifestyle.

Light and Air

Light coming from a window
Sufficient light and air in a room ensures hygiene

Even if the place is dark and small, you can still make it sellable. If you’re trying to sell the house you’re living in right now, make it presentable. There are some tips and tricks such as installing a mirror opposite to a window to create more light in the room. Don’t forget to clean your windows so they glisten rather than staying dusty and grimy. Replace your current dark curtains with paler shade ones to give a brighter touch to the room. If your buyers find your apartment to be modern, vibrant and luminous, it will be easier for them to visualize themselves living there.

Customizing Kitchen

Picture of a kitchen cabinet in the house
Healthy food is ensured by a healthy kitchen

Kitchens are often ignored when it comes to any sort of modification, especially when the budget is low. Whereas, this is supposed to be the most valuable room in the house. It’s not like you need to spend a fortune to make your kitchen be the deal breaker. However, there are buyers who put more emphasis on kitchen on top of everything.

You might want to consider replacing your older taps with the newer ones and should consider upgrading other fixtures too. Moreover, if you modify the counter tops, it will add more value to the kitchen and hence, will draw more attention of the buyers. If you can make the most out of your kitchen space, it naturally shows through and conveys the buyer a sense of credibility that their future kitchen space would be clean and healthy. You can look into the trendy home decor showrooms for making your planning even easier.

take great photos

Picture of a dining room in the house connected to a drawing room
Posh photography of your house adds more value to the impression

Take some really good photos of your well-sorted living and bedroom if you have that opportunity. Since it has a great impact on the first notion you get from your potential buyer. Buyers would approach happily to your place if you present your home through some well-edited pictures.


Picture of a dining room with attached kitchen
It just needs proper planning to make your rooms look bigger

Yes! Your client would pursue to make the best usage of your house. If your home is small, it is essential to make every room look bigger. Consequently, it will give the impression that your buyer is making the right investment even if the apartment size is not huge. Consider minimizing the furniture or replace with smaller ones to make the rooms look spacious and open.

Nonetheless, it all depends on you how you make your home impeccably presentable to grab the best deal in the market. The wisest way to figure out if your home is in the most presentable condition – imagine yourself as the prospective buyer. Ask yourself if the home is deserving enough to dig into your pocket. Since you might have been looking at other apartments/houses, the right approach should be the way you perceive other homes. Thus, you can gain a buyer’s first trust which is very rigorous to stimulate a property transaction.

Good luck with your property selling!

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