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Any move is a difficult move. That’s why we have tons of articles on shifting homes, like this one. But those were for people. So we thought if we could make an article on creating a more pet-friendly home, we should make one to make shifting homes easier for pets! Keeping pets calm is top priority, so let’s get into it.

Adjust to moving gear

There are too many foreign objects when moving

There are lots of new items you may bring into your house in preparation for the shift. In order to make shifting homes easier for pets, you should introduce these to your little friends. Be it boxes, various tapes, cutting tools or rope, the smell of all these new items can be overwhelming. Show your pets that these are for human use and are not a threat in any way. It’s surprising how much these items can affect their mental state and it’s up to us to make it comfortable for them.

Temporary safe house

bulldog in car
A short trip to a safe place may be in order

There is going to be a lot of things going on during a move. Sometimes, it will all be just too much to handle for your little friends. I know this sounds so very difficult, but maybe they need a temporary safe house. Let them stay over at someone’s house till the extensive moving is done. It is best if this is the house of someone they love and are comfortable around. They’ll be back soon, but we know you’ll miss them and they’ll miss you, so try to make the move swift and bring them back soon! Here are some tips to help you pack faster so you’re not away from each other for too long.

Minimal noise levels

sound blasting
No need to blast your noise levels to the sky

Whether moving out, or moving in, noise will be unavoidable. But we can control how much unnecessary noise we make. Don’t throw things around just for the sake of it or out of frustration. We’re here to make shifting homes easier for pets; keeping pets calm, not stressing them out. They may be small, but their feelings and nerves are grand. Let’s keep in mind their needs and make the whole process easier on them

Comfort toys

cats playing with toy
Not only is it cute, it’s effective!

When I was little, I used to use a pillow with glow-in-the-dark cows on it. It brought me comfort through everything. Do your pets have a favorite toy? Keep this accessible at all times to help with their nerves. Or maybe you need a new one? A comfort toy does wonders in keeping pets calm and preoccupied so they don’t make a mess of things. A little distraction and stress relief go a long way for our little friends make shifting homes easier for pets even through all the running around.

Welcome comfort-spot

sleeping cat
Don’t they deserve a little comfort in all this mess?

So while the shift is taking place, create a small space for them at the new house. We understand everything’s really messy, but just take the time to do this. What do you need? Everything that they love would be great! Have temporary bedding (or permanent if you planned ahead well enough) they’re fond of, with a few toys they love. And don’t forget the food! We all love food and you know they do too. It’ll really help in keeping them happy and comforted.


dog cuddle sleeping
How can we resist a cuddle?

This goes without saying – we already can’t help it when we see their faces – but if your pet can be cuddled, by all means, mush them. We need no excuse to perform an act as violent as skooshing their faces, but here’s one: cuddles make everyone feel more relieved. The stress relief from a little cuddling is impossible to compare so don’t look down on something this strong.

Moving homes is a drastic task full of ‘Where’d I put that?’ and ‘Am I forgetting something?’ But no family member should go unnoticed, especially one with no clear language we can communicate in. Keeping pets calm may not be easy, but we have to try our best. So while there will always be new equipment and noise and chaos, we have to make sure to make shifting homes easier for pets because lord knows, they’re important to us.

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